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Dr Shyam Bhat

And, as Fritz Perls said, “Don’t push the river; it flows by itself”

In order to be effective, resolutions have to cause an internal change within you

Release all the energy locked up in the past into the present

In difficult times, it is best to accept and surrender

We don’t want to see the truth because the truth is not familiar

Thinking too much about a decision may complicate matters

Right and wrong is not always obvious and perhaps not even definable

Challenge even closely-held beliefs and assumptions, and witness the unfolding of your...

Let go of unrealistic expectations. The journey is easier when you travel light

“Dream all you want. But put it to action.”

Change your behaviour in order to make a success of your life

Guilt helps us introspect and learn, but shame curbs our personality

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad emotion, so don’t be afraid of it

Superficial laughter drains us. Authentic, genuine laughter gives us resilience

Pay attention to your feelings. Otherwise, your body will force you to acknowledge them

Your emotional state is the key to untapped intellectual potential

Answers present themselves when we observe and accept a difficult situation

Life itself is the answer to life’s questions. Meaning is an experience, not a...

A life lived in full awareness of its transience is liberating and invigorating

You don’t need anything to experience joy

Play your part, but remember who you really are