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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's inaugural budget is long on vision, sketchy on details

The fourth industrial revolution will be led by AI and robotics

The appointment of Nirmala Sitharaman as finance minister comes at a very challenging time for India

Grocery business is fast moving online and DMart is getting Ready for this new phase in retail

In the convenience economy in which technology is disrupting every business, food delivery is no exception

On Stands Now

The video streaming market is likely to explode to $5 billion by 2023. Sit up and watch

A technological revolution is here, but Indians lack the skills to reap its rewards

  • If your smile is worth a thousand silvers, a frown is probably worth a lot more. Here’s an AI start-up that tracks your emotions and helps brands make their content stick

  • Public transport is cheap but erratic. So you could opt to carpool, as a driver or a passenger, thanks to these start-ups who are even winning the confidence of big corporate clients

  • Bengaluru-based scooter-rental wants to take the dread out of short city commutes  

  • Fashion is without boundaries and now its shopping points will reflect that limitlessness, with the omnichannel strategy at Bestseller India

  • Warehouses are not dusty, forgotten spaces anymore — increasingly modern retail is moving up the automation curve

  • When you are challenging a market leader, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and one such is comparative advertising with its cheeky humour and hard facts, but it can invite lawsuits

  • HEG promoter-related entities cash in on the Rs.7.5 billion buyback, tender stock worth Rs.4.14 billion

  • Techno Electric’s strong execution track record and financial discipline makes it a company to watch out for

  • Shiv Nadar-owned entity buys over a million shares from the open market amid robust Q2 revenue growth

Gourmet mithais

These Indian halwais are giving your favourite traditional sweet an international twist

  • Scaling peaks

    In his last book, economist Alan Krueger tells us what creates a superstar in any given field

  • Captain Cook

    Making a perfect meal, with even homebaked breads, for friends old and new is what Juergen Hase, CEO of Unlimit, enjoys doing on his days off

  • Keshav Bhajanka

    From strolling down the streets in London to curling up in his library to read mythological fiction, Keshav Bhajanka, ED of Century Plyboards is a man of wide-ranging tastes

  • Smooth Sailing

    With companies such as Navnit Marine and Ocean Blue bringing world-class yachts to the Indian coast, you wouldn’t want to holiday on land anymore