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OTT players are splurging on 'Originals" to stay ahead

Outlook Business chronicles inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs and changemakers who 'conquered the world' with their persistence

The rate of outperformance of mutual funds has been on the decline. It is becoming harder for investors to find under-researched, mispriced stocks

Narendra Modi’s last big delivery before the hustings could well swing the narrative back in his favour, but still won’t ensure a 2014 repeat

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps

On Stands Now

After a stupendous run over the past five years, NBFCs face a stormy future amid a liquidity crunch and rising defaults

Chinese brands led by Xiaomi take a firm grip on India’s smartphone market

  • &Me's Ayurvedic fruit juices are ideal for today's active women needs

  • From listing timetables to providing a full suite of train-related services, RailYatri has made steady progress

  • Nebulaa’s MATT grain analyser ensures better pricing for farmers

  • When you are challenging a market leader, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and one such is comparative advertising with its cheeky humour and hard facts, but it can invite lawsuits

  • Food zones within retail outlets are offering shoppers both convenience and experience under one roof

  • Banking on acquisitions, Torrent Pharma is focused on strengthening its presence in the domestic market

  • Shiv Nadar-owned entity buys over a million shares from the open market amid robust Q2 revenue growth

  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s investing journey is legendary. This is what he learnt

  • LIC pares holding in Axis Bank amid rising losses in the state-owned insurer's portfolio

Many-Model Paradigm

Scott E Page’s The Model Thinker advocates a multiple-models approach to make more accurate predictions

  • Winning Game

    Tennis happened to William Penn’s Nikhil Ranjan by chance, and today it helps him unwind like nothing else

  • Subhrakant Panda

    Getting different teams to work together isn't easy, but the MD of IMFA has help at hand

  • Ace of Clubs

    Expansive golf courses, horse-riding grounds and pool bars are but few of the facilities at The Delhi Golf Club, DLF Golf and Country Club, and The Delhi Gymkhana Club

  • Intelligence of debt

    Ray Dalio's Big Debt Crises takes you through the fundamentals of lending, and how good loans keep the wheels of an economy running