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Some companies are going beyond their brief and creating conditions for women employees to succeed

Human beings have a history of responding well only to more immediate and tangible threats

The pessimism that has engulfed the currency could end up taking stocks down a slippery path

While there may be more pain in the short term, emerging markets are still the best investment opportunity available today

The truism that if one can succeed in India, then one can succeed anywhere in the world is not bereft of merit as it is still not easy to do business here

On Stands Now

With well-articulated policies, a few organisations are fixing the gender imbalance and making workplaces more accommodating for women

Biofuel flights might be good for publicity but difficult to scale up

  • Chariot Tech is using IoT devices to make smart infrastructure a reality

  • To deal with regulatory and competitive pressure, mobile wallet players are tweaking their business model to live another day

  • Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, Netradyne aims to make driving a safer experience

  • Amul India wants you to not only watch what you're eating but also what you're calling it

  •  Replace, tweak, acquire — the German food brand Dr. Oetker did it all in its pursuit of the Indian consumer

  • Be it dirt, grime or frizz — Mr. Beardo will always come to your rescue

  • DB Corp promoter Sudhir Agarwal and related entities tender stock worth Rs.1.10 billion in the just concluded buyback

  • Hyped up InvITs have not performed as expected leaving investors with mixed feelings

  • Media stocks look set for a revival on the back of advertisement revenue from political campaigns

Beyond workplace Integration

Scott Page on how workplace diversity is not just a good practice but also one that yields a bonus

  • Sunil Gupta

    For Avis India CEO Sunil Gupta, weekends are incomplete without cycling 

  • Opulent Glimmer

    From haute couture to accessories and tastefully done interiors, crystals are the perfect way to embellish your possessions 

  • Pacing For Success

    Agilio Labs' Sanjay Tripathy is an active marathoner who makes most of life's crucial decisions during his early morning run  

  • Remembering The Present

    Chuck Klosterman argues that seemingly accepted beliefs will likely turn out to be absurd