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India is churning out unicorns faster than ever. Which start-ups will be the next billion-dollar companies? 

With economic growth slowing, the stock market might just be staring at more earning downgrades

Outlook Business-Great Place to Work® India bring you the second annual listing of the Best Workplaces for Women in the country

Once a turnaround genius, promoter Gautam Thapar was ousted by his own board. Are other boardrooms going to take note? 

They are champions in their domain, leaders and entrepreneurs shaped out of pure grit and unconventional ideas. We dedicate The Script's fitting song to them 

On Stands Now

Once celebrated as the turnaround genius, Gautam Thapar is today fighting to get back into the company that he once rescued. What led to this descent?

The Indian coal sector is facing growing risks on the back of oversupply and shift towards cleaner options

  • The next generation of workspaces is as hip as they come. We dive into what works and what doesn’t in favour of coworking

  • From e-clinics and virtual diagnostics to apps that alert your doctor when you miss a dose, healthcare just got way more accessible

  • With the help of technology and Aadhaar’s massive data trove, this start-up is making identity verification effortless for its clients

  • Times Internet has grown by transforming into a company with multiple digital products, all drawing power from a dynamic centre

  • IBM Research India is making its illustrious parent proud by radically changing the way different businesses are run

  • By striking the right balance between independence and accountability, work-from-home policy makes organisations diverse and productive

  • The gap in India’s shadow banking segment is widening as institutional investors steer clear of commercial papers issued by smaller NBFCs and HFCs

  • As the Tata Group merges its consumer businesses to form an FMCG giant, investors are lining up to order

  • With the market losing ground, high dividend stocks with reasonable valuation could be a hiding place

Devendra Shah, chairman, Parag Milk Foods

The chairman of Parag Milk Foods is crazy about Mexican food and snow clad towns

  • Dhaval Radia

    The senior vice-president of Greenlight Planet finds joy in reading comic books when he is not walking with the wild  

  • Underwater Trailblazer

    With Triton, you can own a private submarine for boast value and explore the untouched underwater grounds

  • Everlasting melody

    He’s the man who brings world-class symphonies and classical music to the country and even at the age of 84, his passion for music shows no signs of slowing down

  • Fit for a king

    When exotic locales and luxurious settings just aren’t enough, are bespoke vacations the way to go?