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On Stands Now

IndiGo dominates the Indian skies, but its tried-and-tested strategy may not work internationally

UK-based market research firm, YouGov, asked Indians which brands they thought were most patriotic

  • Given the high order frequency and under penetration, online grocery is the next battleground for both online and offline retailers

  • Switchon helps factories optimise performance by proactively detecting technical woes

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Beyond workplace Integration

Scott Page on how workplace diversity is not just a good practice but also one that yields a bonus

  • Sunil Gupta

    For Avis India CEO Sunil Gupta, weekends are incomplete without cycling 

  • Opulent Glimmer

    From haute couture to accessories and tastefully done interiors, crystals are the perfect way to embellish your possessions 

  • Pacing For Success

    Agilio Labs' Sanjay Tripathy is an active marathoner who makes most of life's crucial decisions during his early morning run  

  • Remembering The Present

    Chuck Klosterman argues that seemingly accepted beliefs will likely turn out to be absurd