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As poll fever heightens, Outlook Business presents an eclectic mix of investment ideas

The BJP is anxious as Congress hopes to cash in on rising anti-incumbency. And the allies are watching the game closely

OTT players are splurging on 'Originals' to stay ahead

Outlook Business chronicles inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs and changemakers who 'conquered the world' with their persistence

Capital First’s V Vaidyanathan says making tax structure for businesses progressive rather than flat will lead to rapid nation building

On Stands Now

The video streaming market is likely to explode to $5 billion by 2023. Sit up and watch

Netas will climb mountains to meet their voters during polls, even fly across skies for Rs.40,000-Rs.50,000 an hour 

  • Co-living is catching on in Indian cities but start-ups need deep-pockets to stay in the race

  • Blue-collared workers now can break free of a Catch 22 situation in availing loans, with Bengaluru-based PerkFi

  • Still think the folks in HR play Solitaire all day? You’ll be surprised by the technology they are deploying to manage manpower better

  • FMCG companies are stepping outside their brick-and-mortar stores and trying a new strategy of retailing online-first

  • It is a jackpot year for the advertising industry, with brands and political parties looking to spend Rs.90 billion on three mega events

  • When you are challenging a market leader, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and one such is comparative advertising with its cheeky humour and hard facts, but it can invite lawsuits

  • With government spending slowing down, the road ahead for infra and capital goods could be challenging

  • HEG promoter-related entities cash in on the Rs.7.5 billion buyback, tender stock worth Rs.4.14 billion

  • Techno Electric’s strong execution track record and financial discipline makes it a company to watch out for

Subhrakant Panda

Getting different teams to work together isn't easy, but the MD of IMFA has help at hand

  • All-seeing glass eye

    Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism sheds light on how cold, indifferent digital readers reduce human experiences

  • Off-Road Bliss

    For Ranjeet Koul, country manager APAC at Aeris Communications, off-road biking keeps his mind and soul in sync

  • Gilded Girls

    With a few millions, you can upgrade your bachelorette parties from naughty to sinfully indulgent

  • Digital Spartan

    Cal Newport in Digital Minimalism shows us how to break the spell our screens have cast