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Engage in intelligent investing where you have a fighting chance to make a decent return with a margin of safety

If conditions prevailing in the first part of this year persist, asset valuations will very likely have to fall

Munjal-Burman’s winning bid for the beleaguered hospital chain raises more questions than answers

Over time, consumers have found ways to ignore branding and to keep them interested, ads need to be relevant 

Despite promoter woes and possible contingent liabilities, Fortis is an asset that many are willing to fight over 

On Stands Now

Having found a serious partner with complimentary strengths and big money, Flipkart can now take the fight to Amazon

P2P platforms are growing at a furious pace as banks become risk-averse towards small and medium enterprises

  • Mumbai-based Donatekart is giving a new meaning to in-kind donation

  • Started by a bunch of IITians, Smartivity is making learning fun while creating a truly cutting edge Indian toy brand

  • Budget hotel start-ups are finally coming of age, after a period of painful learning and self-discovery

Seat of comfort

Ergonomic chairs are finding favour in the Indian workplace 

  • Puzzle Solving

    Whether you're picking an apartment or a secretary, Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths wants you make use of algorithms to tackle everyday problems

  • Money Matter

    Dalton Capital Advisors' UR Bhat recommends 'Coffee Can Investing' to investors facing a dilemma

  • Reign Supreme

    Scott Galloway takes a critical look at how the "four horsemen" of tech made their way to the top

  • Classical Lines

    Swiss watchmaker Blancpain's new collection preserves horology and timeless elegance