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The audacity to dream and hope killed by the fragility of heart and mind – that’s the tragic story of India’s coffee king, VG Siddhartha

Debt funds are essential but tough to manage, writes the CIO of PPFAS MF, as he lists out his reasons for staying away

Generic Indian pharma players are changing their formula to focus on high-margin complex generics and specialty drugs

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's inaugural budget is long on vision, sketchy on details

The appointment of Nirmala Sitharaman as finance minister comes at a very challenging time for India

On Stands Now

DMart, one of the most resilient offline retailers, is adapting quickly to survive an online onslaught. But bigger fish are closing in

Renewed governmental interest and private sector investment has brought back the spotlight on solar-based mini grids

  • To reduce use of plastic, two former techies came up with Edible Pro cutlery, which can serve a meal or be one

  • Sewage treatment plants that mimic nature could heal our lakes, stop deaths in poorly aired sewage systems and save us money

  • The used car market in India is disrupting the auto industry, already vrooming ahead of new car sales

  • Warehouses are not dusty, forgotten spaces anymore — increasingly modern retail is moving up the automation curve

  • After strengthening their presence online, e-commerce players sniff out a lucrative market offline

  • When you are challenging a market leader, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and one such is comparative advertising with its cheeky humour and hard facts, but it can invite lawsuits

  • HEG promoter-related entities cash in on the Rs.7.5 billion buyback, tender stock worth Rs.4.14 billion

  • Foreign investors have pushed the indices to a record high on expectations of reforms push and earnings recovery. Slippage on either could spoil the party

  • In a rapidly changing digital world, mid-cap IT firms have more headroom to grow than large-caps

Smooth Sailing

With companies such as Navnit Marine and Ocean Blue bringing world-class yachts to the Indian coast, you wouldn’t want to holiday on land anymore

  • Acoustic Therapy

    Satin Creditcare Network’s CMD, HP Singh, knows how to balance the beats of profession and passion

  • Anil Valluri

    India and SAARC president of NetApp loves unwinding with a game of golf or holing up in his audio library to listen to some vintage records

  • Green and glorious

    Look like a million bucks and a citizen of the planet with sustainable brands such as Stella McCartney, Chopard and Okapi

  • Vighnesh Shahane

    The MD & CEO of IDBI Federal Life Insurance is a complete foodie and a passionate sportsperson