“A diverse team leads to better problem-solving outcomes”

Founder of Avaana Capital, Anjali Bansal, talks about the importance of diversity at workplaces

Faisal Magray

Having held several leadership positions throughout her career before founding Avaana Capital, Anjali Bansal knows the importance of promoting diversity and inclusivity in an organisation. Currently, she also chairs Niti Aayog, Women Entrepreneurship Platform and serves as the non-executive chairperson on the board of Dena Bank. In an exclusive interview with Outlook Business, she shares her insights on why it is important to ensure a progressive work environment for women to thrive

What is your idea of a great place to work?

The workplace has to be for all, not for some. A great place to work is where all people are welcomed. It has to be respectful; not just of people, but the opinions that they bring; their perspectives, wants and needs. It should also be a place of learning. We are in a world now where whatever we learned in school and college is rapidly getting obsolete. The workplace should be a place for life-long learning, therefore at my workplace, I expect to learn and impart learning.

Given the largely conservative mindset in India and discrimination on the basis of gender, religion and race, how is the country placed in terms of inclusivity and diversity at workplace?

The challenge of inclusivity is a global issue and is not just restricted to India. I think India is much more positive than we generally see and believe in the public discourse. India has had equal employment rights, wages and voting rights for women right from the beginning, which many countries did not. Bringing


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