Music to your ears

Will music streaming apps be the next iteration in the way people listen to music in India?

Photographs by Soumik Kar and Visha Koul

In a country as obsessed with music as India, it comes as no surprise that companies are lining up to tap the 140-million-strong smartphone network and find ways to serve audiophiles across the country. Music streaming apps have become a rage not just abroad, but in India as well. Allowing users to browse a plethora of songs across genres and languages, music streaming apps have become the Next Big Thing in music, with even musicians joining the fray. Rapper Jay Z has launched his own service Tidal, while Apple recently launched its music streaming service by revamping Beats, the company it acquired from hip-hop mogul Dr Dre. The likes of Spotify and Pandora have been inaccessible to Indian citizens so far, and local companies have used that as an opportunity to introduce us to a new way of enjoying our tunes on the go.