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Real-time trackers
Chariot Tech is using IoT devices to make smart infrastructure a reality

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham

The Game Changers

Gamezop wants you to play games on mobile browsers without downloading the apps

Warring For Kirana Territory

Given the high order frequency and under penetration, online grocery is the next battleground for both online and offline retailers

  • Making Helmets ‘Cool’

    Jarsh Innovations' air-conditioned helmets make life easier for industrial workers

  • Fandom Shopping

    A whole bunch of merchandising start-ups are cashing in on pop culture

  • Rebooting the Workforce

    With IT firms opting for automation, reskilling is the only way for employees to remain relevant

Dealing with change

To deal with regulatory and competitive pressure, mobile wallet players are tweaking their business model to live another day

Packing It Right

Bizongo is combining technology and business acumen to fulfil the packaging needs of corporate India

“AI will give teeth to our existing technology and make them more potent”

If machines can talk to each other, why can’t academia and industry, asks DRDO’s Satheesh Reddy 

Mapping The Gap

Aided with data on consumers, analytics on need gaps and waning brand loyalty, e-tailers abandon discounting to climb on to the private label bandwagon

Spreading it thick and fast

How Veeba Foods is cashing in on the growing demand for sauces and dips across the country

High Precision

Semly Pro's 'negative keywords' tracker saves money on digital marketing

Capsule Comfort

With an eye on short-stay travellers, Urbanpod is creating its own niche with affordable pod hotels

Agri Recyclers

GFF Innovations’ Moksh eases farmers’ woes by compressing rice straws faster

Premium Comfort

Delhi-based start-up Carmesi takes sanitary napkins to the next level

Real-time trackers

Chariot Tech is using IoT devices to make smart infrastructure a reality

Secure Navigation

Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, Netradyne aims to make driving a safer experience

Midas Touch

Chennai-based Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers is looking at online sales and foreign stores to further their legacy as a trusted ‘manufacturing jeweller’

Second Serving

Jayaram Banan has elaborate plans to revive Sagar Ratna’s fortunes having bought back his stake from India Equity Partners

Tressure hunt

Salon chain Naturals has lined up an ambitious expansion spree. Will its gameplan pay off?

Before you say 'I do'

Online wedding start-ups are helping brides and grooms plan their perfect day

Pick, click and rent

Can’t afford that plush sofa set? Now rent it for as long as you wish

Doc on click

A few start-ups are making medical access easier and doctors technology-savvy