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    Obsessed With Doing What Is Right For Customers: IDFC FIRST Bank's Chinmay Dhoble

    Chinmay Dhoble, head, retail liabilities and branch banking at IDFC FIRST Bank, in an interview, talks about how the bank is taking on competition and reshaping customer experience    

    Outlook Business Team - June 01, 2024
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    Short Stories

    A collection of tiny tales on all that happened in the business universe over the last month 

    June 01, 2024
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    Fault in the Formula for India's Chemical Sector

    Seven years ago, when industry headwinds began to hit China in the form of stricter domestic environment guidelines, trade war with the US and Covid-19, India, with a robust chemical sector, stood a chance to improve its prospects. Yet, it failed to make decent gains  

    Devanshu Singla - May 01, 2024
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    Hopping on the Power of Hybrid Energy

    India’s clean energy transition hinges on rapid capacity addition—it must reach the 500 GW clean energy production target by 2030. And from pure play the preference now is for hybrid energy sources 

    Ayaan Kartik - May 01, 2024
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    House of Cards

    At 8.4%, India’s GDP surpassed the expectations of analysts of almost all dispositions. But are GDP numbers hiding a bleaker story? It is not just the missing private money, there are more devils in the story

    Parth Singh - March 27, 2024
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    Fast-Mover Advantage in Quick Commerce

    In the David and Goliath battle for quick-commerce supremacy, underdogs like Blinkit and Zepto are winning against giants Walmart and Amazon. Instant shopping is not only heralding in a new era of convenience but is also rewriting the rules of the game

    Mahima Sinha - March 27, 2024
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    CBAM Knots in India’s Textile Story

    Months after the European Union launched the transitional phase of its Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, the textile sector, though not yet included in the target sectors, in India finds itself highly unprepared for the impact. From challenges posed by environmental compliance demands to rivals’ growth and slow governance support, the industry faces a complex fabric of issues 

    Ankita Mookherjee - February 01, 2024
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    Bring the Large Language Model to Data, Not Vice Versa

    Enterprises should not consider embracing GenAI or LLM just because it is the coolest and the most hyped technology, but because it solves a business problem and creates opportunities 

    Vinita Bhatia - December 01, 2023
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    From Petrol Pumps To Auto Rickshaws, Fintech Pioneer Paytm’s Leadership In QR With Scan And Pay Makes Mobile Payments A Breeze

    With the help of Paytm's QR code, Paytm UPI has reached every nook & corner of the country.

    May 02, 2023
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    Smart Proteins And The ‘Organic’ Déjà Vu

    Smart proteins must tick the right boxes—of affordability and availability—to make themselves relevant in a world that is struggling to meet its climate goals. Or they may face a stagnant future like the organic food market

    Naina Gautam - May 01, 2023
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    Mensa Brands: Steering Clear Of The ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Approach

    Ananth Narayanan, founder of Mensa Brands, talks about his plans to build a tech-led house of brands with omnichannel as the lynchpin

    Vinita Bhatia - May 01, 2023
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    Reliance Tira: The Mammoth In The Beauty Store

    From the brand power of its parent company to the near absence of a strong rival in the burgeoning beauty and personal care industry and an omnichannel strategy for market penetration, Reliance Retail’s Tira, launched last month, has a lot going for it. Will others be able to hold their own?

    Vinita Bhatia - May 01, 2023