• enterprise 3 / Trend

    A creative bent of mind

    When a theatre enthusiast mixes his love for drama with technology, the result is a company like Knolskape

    April 27, 2013
  • Ready, steady, roll

    Increasing traffic snarls and fuel costs are driving commuters to fleet taxis

    April 27, 2013
  • the big story 1 / Lead Story

    Act II

    Mukesh Ambani is readying for a grand come back in the telecom space and this time, it is more than a price play

    March 30, 2013
  • specials 34 / The State of Business 2013

    Growth magnet

    Cheap land and ample power is drawing industries to Halol

    March 25, 2013
  • strategy 4 / Trend

    Pushing happiness

    Mobile operators are talking a new language — customer service and retention. What’s behind this change of heart?

    March 16, 2013
  • strategy 4 / Trend

    A tricky call

    Will hiking call rates prove a sustainable strategy for telecom operators?

    March 02, 2013
  • strategy 4 / Trend

    Different strokes

    Can tablet devices really experience the explosive growth that mobile phones have?

    March 02, 2013
  • enterprise 3 / Big Idea

    VAS-tly different

    mCarbon offers telecom networks a platform that can run multiple services

    February 16, 2013
  • “Don’t do your subordinates’ work for them”

    Sandip Basu, MD & CEO, Loop Mobile, recommends tips on how to manage time effectively

    January 19, 2013
  • markets 5 / Feature

    Will Vivek Sehgal's gambit pay off?

    A stretched balance sheet and an uncertain global auto market could upset Motherson Sumi’s grand plans

    December 22, 2012
  • specials 34 / 24 Good Businesses 2012

    Mission Vision

    Bengaluru-based Forus is making eyecare accessible in rural areas with its portable, cost- effective device 

    September 01, 2012
  • specials 34 / 24 Good Businesses 2012

    The force is with you

    Artoo’s software solution to speed up loan disbursals is a hit. Now it’s extending its expertise to other sectors 

    September 01, 2012
  • strategy 4 / Trend

    Carrier call

    Another mobile operator gears up to enter the branded handset market. Will it click?

    August 18, 2012
  • markets 5 / Feature

    It's off for now

    The VAS provider ruled the last decade as leader, But it seems to have missed the data bus. Is it time to sell?

    August 04, 2012