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C'est la vie

Ajay Relan
Ajay Relan of CX Partners loves to sweat it out on the tennis court

A Dive Into Positivity

Stepathlon CEO Ravi Krishnan never misses an opportunity to go swimming, even when travelling

  • Giving Back To Nature

    For Arpwood Capital's Rajeev Gupta, gardening is both a devoted pursuit and a green initiative

  • Humble Bibliophile

    How Kotak Asset Management’s MD Nilesh Shah has kept his passion for Gujarati literature alive

  • The Corporate Wordsmith

    Even with a very high-pressure day job, poetry is a passion that Zensar Technologies' CEO continues to pursue 

Accessories Galore

What would a natty gent be without his accessories? Arguably the hottest subject in men’s fashion right now, they are finally earning their due

Style Up Your Sleeves

Nothing can be more subtly luxurious than the premium cufflinks by Montblanc and Deakin and Francis

Drapes Of Opulence

These designer wear saris feature the perfect amalgamation of comfort and luxury

Stylish in Stoles

High-end, stylish scarves and stoles – for the discerning gentleman

Rolling In Luxury

Experience the opulence fit for a king by checking into one of these exquisite luxury suites 

Ajay Relan

Ajay Relan of CX Partners loves to sweat it out on the tennis court

Nadia Chauhan

Parle Agro's Nadia Chauhan is not only an experimental foodie but also a traveller at heart

"The discipline of going hard at the issue and soft on the person is important"

Porush Singh, Country Head, MasterCard India on five ways to effectively manage conflict

"The Market is Just a Reference Point for Price"

Raamdeo Agrawal, co-founder of Motilal Oswal Financial Services, on keeping distraction away

Lessons Fom Superman

James Altucher explains how anyone can be Superman in his self-empowerment manifesto Choose Yourself  

Breaking stereotypes

Ambi Parameswaran writes on how Adam Grant questions the conventional notions of entrepreneurship in Originals 

Brand decoding: The Apple story

An extract from Jonah Berger's book 'Contagious'