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Our philosophy

  • We do not insult your intelligence

  • We steer clear of verbosity, for we value your time

  • We takenothing at face value.

    Asking why and why not is an integral part of our narrative

  • We tell you the complete story.

    We do not take a narrow view or distort the narrative to sensationalize

  • We always reach out to managements to understand their point of view, but all management inputs are balanced with strong outside reporting

  • We believe our reportage is only as good as our source. Our reporters place high weightage on source credibility for both reporting inputs and analysis

  • We exist to serve you – our reader. Potential litigation, loss of advertising, or any other form of backlash does not impede or influence our reporting. Keeping with our proud parentage, as an Outlook Group publication, our reporting is fair and square. We trade it for nothing

Why our readers love Us

Outlook Business has always produced interesting and differentiated content which gives its readers a deeper understanding of trends shaping India -- now and in the future.

Anand Mahindra
Chairman, Mahindra Group

I enjoy reading the articles as they are insightful, full of learnings and written in a very lucid manner.

Harsh Mariwala
Chairman, Marico

It is quite detailed in its coverage!

Adi Godrej
Chairman, Godrej Group

This is a place of full facts, full analysis, and a full picture of what really transpired. It’s not a place for rehashed versions.

Rajeev Gupta
Founding Partner, Arpwood Capital

I love Outlook Business for its clean layout, super pictures and incisive articles. They bring forth fresh perspective that compels me to think differently.

D Shivakumar
Group Executive President, Corporate Strategy and Business, Aditya Birla Group

Outlook Business has the best interviews in the business; their journalists are like analysts and ask totally relevant questions. It is almost like you are interviewing the management yourself. I also look forward to their Secret Diary, Masterspeak and the Warren Buffett specials, which are unique.

Samir Arora
Founder, Helios Capital

I am impressed that Outlook Business had the courage to come to Silicon Valley and ask us the best, sharpest and toughest questions. I think it is of great benefit to the readers to get that access.

Peter Fenton
General Partner, Benchmark Capital

Outlook Business is a must-read if you are


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