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“It Is Critical To Ensure Seamless Continuity”
Vanitha Narayanan, chairman, IBM India on effective succession planning

“It Is Critical To Ensure Seamless Continuity”

Vanitha Narayanan, chairman, IBM India on effective succession planning

JAN 10 , 2018

“Customers expect companies to anticipate the products they need next”

Sunil Jose, senior area VP and country leader, Salesforce India on five ways to exceed customer expectations

NOV 29 , 2017

“Ambiguity can be the Achilles heel of accountability”

Moelis India CEO Manisha Girotra on how to instil a culture of accountability

OCT 27 , 2017

“Encourage risk-taking without the fear of failure”

Deb Deep Sengupta, president and MD, SAP India on five ways to foster an entrepreneurial culture

OCT 13 , 2017

"Identify the value that each party brings to the table and leverage it strategically"

Kishore Jayaraman, president, Rolls-Royce India & South Asia on five ways to lead a joint venture

AUG 30 , 2017

"Identify experiences that customers want for good"

Amit Agarwal, SVP and country head, Amazon India, on five ways to exceed customer expectations

AUG 04 , 2017

"Give employees a platform to air their ideas or grievances"

Anant Maheshwari, president, Microsoft India on how to ensure fairness in an organisation

JUL 07 , 2017

"A Zebra in Lion Country offers a fresh perspective on investing bias"

Sunil Singhania, CIO (equity) of Reliance Mutual Fund, shares his five must-read books for investors

JUN 09 , 2017

"Gauge a candidate's priorities, both in his career and personal life"

Ronesh Puri, managing director, Executive Access on five ways to hire the right CEO

MAY 26 , 2017

"Professional and personal growth is the biggest motivator"

Himanshu Jain, MD & VP, Indian sub-continent & South East Asia, Sealed Air, on five non-monetary incentives to boost employee performance

MAY 24 , 2017

"To secure early wins, prioritise and stay focused on execution"

Sanjay Jalona, CEO, L&T Infotech on five things a new CEO must focus on

MAY 12 , 2017

"Be Judicious Of Brand Extensions As It Can Weaken A Brand's Core Proposition"

Vasanth Kumar, executive director of Max Fashion on how to avoid branding mistakes

APR 28 , 2017

"Playing safe is a recipe for ensuring that others will eventually leave you behind"

Sumitro Ghosh, CEO, Tata Starbucks, on five ways to exceed customer expectations

MAR 15 , 2017

"Better training and effective people management enables huge cost savings"

Shekhar Bajaj, chairman, Bajaj Electricals on five ways to manage costs during a downturn

FEB 03 , 2017

"If you've to police an employee to make him perform, you've got the wrong person"

Anish Sarkar, country leader, Mercer India, on five non-monetary ways to boost employee performance

DEC 23 , 2016

"Establish a Work Culture that Encourages Risk-Taking and Mistakes"

Debjani Ghosh, MD, South Asia, Intel on five ways to foster an entrepreneurial culture

NOV 24 , 2016

"The discipline of going hard at the issue and soft on the person is important"

Porush Singh, Country Head, MasterCard India on five ways to effectively manage conflict

OCT 25 , 2016

"Leadership teams fail because they keep doing the right thing for too long"

Dinesh Malkani, President, Cisco Systems, India & SAARC, on five ways to compete effectively

SEP 21 , 2016

"The Market is Just a Reference Point for Price"

Raamdeo Agrawal, co-founder of Motilal Oswal Financial Services, on keeping distraction away

SEP 12 , 2016

"The Way to Maximise Global Expertise is by Leveraging Local Understanding"

Jay Chen, CEO, Huawei India on five ways to manage a transnational workforce

SEP 12 , 2016

"How the market reacts to news flow indicates the underlying sentiment"

Vikas Khemani, CEO, Edelweiss Securities, on five indicators to gauge market sentiment 

AUG 04 , 2016

"Women should take charge of their destiny and trust their capability"

Rekha Menon, chairman, Accenture India on ways to encourage and train women for leadership roles

JUL 27 , 2016

"Offline experience can be made compelling by using mobile apps"

K Jayakumar, Vice president and Managing Director, WalmartLabs India, on five ways to transplant a great offline experience online

JUL 09 , 2016

"Promise what you think you can achieve, but strive to deliver more"

SpiceJet CMD Ajay Singh on what it takes to engineer a successful turnaround

JUN 17 , 2016