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    “The most difficult thing in business and in life is the ability to say, ‘no, this doesn’t work’”

    Secret Diary of Siddhartha Lal 

    N Mahalakshmi - August 05, 2021
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    Can the country’s manufacturing push be sustained with ‘PLIS’ and thank you?

    With the second wave of Covid-19 pushing the economy into another downward spiral, the burden is now on the PLI scheme to revive growth

    N Mahalakshmi - June 04, 2021
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    Can NTPC steal Adani Green’s thunder?  

    The solar pageant is between two contestants – one is young and aggressive, and the other is staid and pragmatic

    V Keshavdev - April 14, 2021
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    Why is the BSE valued at only $350 million?

    The valuation of Asia’s oldest stock exchange is a fraction that of market leader NSE. Is it justified?

    Rajesh Padmashali - March 15, 2021
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    Why the ‘bad bank’ will solve the problem of bankers but not that of banks

    The ARC-AMC looks like an attempt to do the impossible, as a distraction away from what really needs to be done  

    N Mahalakshmi - February 18, 2021
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    India’s deliverance is in the details

    The government has been nudging the economy towards growth since the slowdown. How effective have its interventions been? 

    Asha Menon - February 06, 2021
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    In the capex waltz, the government has to lead

    Private capex revival is slow with India Inc choosing to set its house in order, than chase growth 

    V Keshavdev - February 06, 2021