"To secure early wins, prioritise and stay focused on execution"

Sanjay Jalona, CEO, L&T Infotech on five things a new CEO must focus on

Published 3 years ago on May 12, 2017 Read

Unlearn and relearn quickly: As a new leader, you bring a wealth of relevant expertise and experience. However, each organisation is unique in its own way. Your acceptability in the organisation depends on how well you apply your knowledge to its culture and requirements.

Your strategy must depend on the situation: An organisation normally hires an external senior leader to incubate new businesses, accelerate growth, or to reinvent during changing times. Your strategy needs to be aligned to the objective you wish to accomplish. Initially, a strategic misstep may go unnoticed, but leads to avoidable consequences later on.

Develop new internal and external alliances: With your new role, you would already have a vast network of partners and collaborators. However, you need to redefine their contributions to support your new position. Powerful internal alliances in your new organisation are very critical to ensure effective implementation of your agenda. 

Secure early wins: To secure early wins, describe your mission immediately, clearly, and then empower your team. The entire organisation would be looking up to you for direction. You need to set it quickly so that your team gets a chance to deliver quick results. Define the behaviours that you encourage and discourage in pursuit of achieving goals. 

Disciplined prioritisation and execution: A new role can be overwhelming! There is always more to be done than what is feasible. Therefore, prioritise and stay focused on execution. Your actions establish the pattern for the entire organisation to follow so it is important to set an example of discipline and accountability that can be considered as the benchmark.


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