"It is necessary to leverage cross-functional assignments"

Saugata Gupta, CEO, Marico, on creating a culture of empowerment

Published 4 years ago on Feb 03, 2016 Read
Soumik Kar

Lead by example: Great leaders lead by example and early responsibility facilitates leadership development. Authentic and emotionally intelligent leadership is imperative to live the company’s values. Companies should design capability-building processes and leadership development initiatives.

Drive ownership: Companies need to have a flat organisation structure with empowered roles that require managers to take decisions independently. It is also necessary to leverage job rotation and cross-functional assignments to provide diverse experience to members.  

Trust and transparency: There must be transparency, openness and mutual trust among employees, which fosters risk-taking and entrepreneurial thinking. Giving employees the right to be involved in decision-making is empowering. 

Global outlook: Companies should inculcate the value of sensitivity and adaptability by encouraging employees to learn from different cultures. They should conduct global exchange programmes that help employees develop a global perspective towards their job role and enhance their creative thought process. 

Challenge, enrich and fulfil aspirations: Early responsibility encourages employees to take calculated risks and enable them to challenge their status quo. Expose employees to diverse learnings instead of restricting them to particular job roles. Provide them flexibility and freedom to operate so as to maintain balance between work and life.


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