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Big Idea

A bit of this and that
Now order what you want from whichever country you want with BMTFT

Avantika Seth

(L-R) BMTFT's founders Rahul Mansabdar, KC Sumanth and Vasudev Masur

Ever had to wait months for your US-based relatives to travel to India, just so you could ask them to get a much-desired laptop for you? Well, Bengaluru-based start-up Bring Me That From There (BMTFT), which operates in the crowdsourced logistics space, might be of use to you. The company brings flyers and package seekers on a single platform, enabling easy and quick transportation of products crossing international boundaries. “We enable delivery of products from anywhere to anywhere. Our hottest sectors are the US, the UK, Singapore and China,” says Vasudev Masur, co-founder, BMTFT. In 2014, Rahul Mansabdar and Vasudev Masur set up a Facebook group titled Bring Me That From There to connect flyers and seekers; the website version was launched very recently. The company charges a commission of 5% on the value of the transaction, which is paid by the seeker. “The incentives for the flyers usually range between 8,000-10,000,” adds Masur.

While the seekers and flyers mostly prefer meeting in person to close the transaction, the company also provides outsourced last-mile delivery. “We have 25,000 users registered with us so far,” says Mansabdar. With an average of six to 10 transactions per week, the ticket size for the company varies between 5,000-7,000. The company has closed nearly 1,000 transactions so far and has seen a huge demand for products such as electrical appliances, baby products and sportswear. “We have an active online payment gateway and accept only advance payments, including a security deposit,” adds Mansabdar. The founders explain that since this is a novel service concept, it takes a while for new and potential users to understand the same. “This is why we don’t want to venture beyond the website for now,” concludes Masur.

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