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Big Idea

Electric Blue
Walking is tedious and short cab rides are tough to get. Yulu, with its shared bikes, offers the next ‘woke’ mode of transport

Hari Menon

Water healers

Aquatic therapy is a burgeoning medical practice and Harsh Mariwala has caught on to it early, with AquaCentric

Krishna Gopalan | JAN 09 , 2020

Lessons from a tribe

Bengaluru’s Masai School promises you a Rs.50,000 a month package. If it fails, you don’t pay a thing

Hari Menon | JAN 06 , 2020

Coding Creativity

WhiteHat Jr is on a mission to make complex coding as easy as child’s play

Debangana Ghosh | DEC 19 , 2019

Babble out, Bobble in

This Gurugram-based start-up has found its winning formula in zinging up your old-school smartphone keyboards and making texting fun again

Debangana Ghosh | DEC 18 , 2019

The key to everything

Ditch those access cards and entry registers. You could soon be entering your home, workplace and even hotel rooms with just your smartphone

Hari Menon | DEC 02 , 2019

Electric Blue

Walking is tedious and short cab rides are tough to get. Yulu, with its shared bikes, offers the next ‘woke’ mode of transport

Hari Menon | NOV 12 , 2019

Load off your mind

This Bengaluru-based start-up is on a mission to change the mental health diagnosis technique in India

Debangana Ghosh | NOV 11 , 2019

Driving to E-ndependence

With its electric motors, this Pune-based start-up hopes to free an electric India from imports

Hari Menon | NOV 06 , 2019

Rideshare 3.0

Roads in our metros aren’t getting less congested anytime soon, but this start-up is making our office commute a little less strenuous

Hari Menon | OCT 22 , 2019

Selling better stories

Forget dogs, this start-up wants to be a content writer’s new best friend. Meet Instoried

Hari Menon | OCT 21 , 2019

Trust but verify

With the help of technology and Aadhaar’s massive data trove, this start-up is making identity verification effortless for its clients

Hari Menon | OCT 17 , 2019

Road to retail

The world is moving online and traditional retailers may be facing an existential crisis. But a start-up from Axilor’s latest cohort, Inroadz, may have just discovered an elixir

Hari Menon | OCT 14 , 2019

Tracking Sensibly

Sensiwise from Axilor’s latest cohort aims to make quality-control a cake-walk for logistics companies

Hari Menon | OCT 07 , 2019

Express check-up

This Bengaluru-based start-up can diagnose drug-resistant tuberculosis in just five hours

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 30 , 2019

Soul Food

The subsistence crop of yesteryears, ragi has been revived through breakfast cereals, snacks and health drinks

Anwesha Mitra | SEP 26 , 2019

Easy Money

Now you can win big while playing some of the most addictive phone games, with WinZO Games

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 09 , 2019

Keep It As It Is

Bengaluru-based As-It-Is Nutrition offers an easy, no-frills solution to the ‘Where do you get your protein, bro?’ conundrum 

Hari Menon | AUG 26 , 2019

Loans to learn

Nujam Technologies' Payed is enabling students to seek loans worry-free and focus on the more important things

Debangana Ghosh | AUG 13 , 2019

Merging dimensions

With its ‘mixed’ reality games, Skipy Interactive is encouraging children to learn and be creative, all while having fun

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 29 , 2019

Partners in grime

Sewage treatment plants that mimic nature could heal our lakes, stop deaths in poorly aired sewage systems and save us money

Hari Menon | JUL 24 , 2019

Snack on a spoon

To reduce use of plastic, two former techies came up with Edible Pro cutlery, which can serve a meal or be one

Hari Menon | JUL 22 , 2019

Bike keyless

Bengaluru-based scooter-rental wants to take the dread out of short city commutes  

Hari Menon | JUN 24 , 2019

Financial Masterclass

LearnApp is getting the best business icons and financial veterans to teach its users to invest and become entrepreneurs

Himanshu Kakkar | JUN 12 , 2019

Rebel with a Cloud

Two IIM grads pursued their love for kathi rolls with single-mindedness, and today run a $220 million food-tech start-up

Shruti Venkatesh | JUN 10 , 2019