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Doctor's Digest
Bengaluru-based Omnicuris is the online tutor for practising medical professionals

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham

Doctor's Digest

Bengaluru-based Omnicuris is the online tutor for practising medical professionals

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUL 06 , 2017

Breath of Fresh Air

Clean air from morning to night is no longer a myth, thanks to Kurin

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 29 , 2017


Now tracking your vehicle from a distance in an instant is made easy with Carnot

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 19 , 2017

Squeaky Clean

Gurugram-based start-up UClean facilitates cleaning one’s dirty linen in public

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 13 , 2017

Find Your Happy Place

Reserve a work desk at your favourite café or pub on the go with myHQ

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 07 , 2017

At Your Disposal

Mumbai-based start-up Skrap helps reduce your company's garbage footprint 

Naini Thaker | MAY 17 , 2017

Playing Watch Guard

IIT Madras-incubated start-up, DeTect Technologies, ensures oil and gas companies enjoy uninterrupted operations

Siddhi Nayak | MAY 09 , 2017

Home-Made Perfection

Start-up Fingerlix has a quick fix to quell your hunger pangs

Siddhi Nayak | MAY 03 , 2017

Dentist at Your Doorstep

MobiDent, India’s first portable dental chain is aiming towards making dental care both accessible and affordable

Bhavik Nair, Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAY 02 , 2017

Artsy Kitchen

Kits for Homes brings out the modular kitchen expert in you 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | APR 26 , 2017

Constructive Cloud

iSticker is your one-stop shop for anything related to interior design and architecture

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | APR 20 , 2017

Smart Homes

Cubical Labs has found a niche for itself in the home automation space

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAR 31 , 2017

Vision of the Future

GetVu is ushering in augmented reality to revolutionise the way warehouses and shop floors work

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAR 29 , 2017

The Learner's Social Network

Start-up Eckovation is connecting students and teachers through its app

Siddhi Nayak | MAR 17 , 2017

Camp Out

Want to go on an adventure trip this summer? Deyor will plan it for you

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAR 08 , 2017

Secondary healing

Hyderabad-based SuVitas wants to set new standards in post-hospitalisation transitional care

Madhuri Rao | FEB 03 , 2017

The Change Masters

SeatingHub plays matchmaker between offices with a spare desk and start-ups who need one

Siddhi Nayak | DEC 21 , 2016

Automating Logistics

Machine learning start-up, Locus, is aiming for offline businesses after automating logistics for e-commerce players 

Rajat Ubhaykar | NOV 25 , 2016

Tailor On Call

Tech-Tailor gives you the right fit without the runaround

Bhavik Nair | NOV 22 , 2016

Trend Setting

CoutLoot is your gateway to acquire pre-owned fashion labels

Madhuri Rao | NOV 15 , 2016

A Potpourri Of Workouts

With a diverse network of gyms and studios, Fitpass is attempting to lure fitness freaks with its variety

Ashameera Aiyappan | OCT 25 , 2016

The Smart Option

Start-up GrabOnRent caters to those who opt to rent than buy

Siddhi Nayak | OCT 18 , 2016

Long-haul players

Truckkers is ushering in transparency in truck trailers

Ashameera Aiyappan | OCT 10 , 2016

Eat and burn

The Gene Box lets you have your cake and eat it too

Madhuri Rao | SEP 22 , 2016