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Big Idea

Shop for shimmer
Afraid to buy high-end jewellery on the web? Browse online and shop offline with eJohri

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham

Shop for shimmer

Afraid to buy high-end jewellery on the web? Browse online and shop offline with eJohri

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | NOV 21 , 2017

Smart Learning

Edtech start-up Eupheus Learning is changing the way kids consume knowledge 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | NOV 13 , 2017

Tap For A Drink

Barsys makes it easy to be your own bartender

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 31 , 2017

Gaming at Work

Simulanis uses augmented and virtual reality with gamification to make training fun for students and employees

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 27 , 2017

Gifting Made Easy

Storecheq ensures that you always end up with a gift of your choice

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 25 , 2017

Lawyer's Counsel

AI-based start-up Mike Legal is the ideal assistant for your courtroom battle

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 19 , 2017

Reap What You Sow

Pick a plot, grow your crop and take it home, Bengaluru-based Farmizen makes farming easy

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 09 , 2017

Lawyer On Call

Hiring legal counsel is now a click away with Gurugram-based Legal Resolved 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 04 , 2017

No More Keeping Count

Bengaluru-based Fyle uses AI to simplify expense management 

Naini Thaker | SEP 26 , 2017

Anti-Counterfeiting Squad

Afraid that you may have bought a fake luxury label? Authenticate your purchase with Uniqolabel

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 19 , 2017

Ship Away Your Worries

Delhi-based PortDesk attempts to drive away the maritime blues of the shipping industry

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 14 , 2017

Robo By Your Side

From assisting you with bank work to entertaining you at an event, Invento Tech's Mitra can be your true friend

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 06 , 2017

In-gene-ious Plan

Genecorp crafts customised weight loss plans based on a thorough DNA analysis report 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 24 , 2017

Spot the Difference

No more worrying about copyright infringement with IPHawk's AI-solution

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 15 , 2017

Keeping the bugs at bay

Crowd security testing platform Threatbar has your back no matter what the bugs are in your software

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 10 , 2017

Golden hour cabbie

eSahai's medical taxi services ensure it is by your side in an emergency

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUL 28 , 2017

3D Magic

3Dexter puts the fun back in learning for school kids across the country

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUL 07 , 2017

Doctor's Digest

Bengaluru-based Omnicuris is the online tutor for practising medical professionals

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUL 06 , 2017

Breath of Fresh Air

Clean air from morning to night is no longer a myth, thanks to Kurin

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 29 , 2017


Now tracking your vehicle from a distance in an instant is made easy with Carnot

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 19 , 2017

Squeaky Clean

Gurugram-based start-up UClean facilitates cleaning one’s dirty linen in public

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 13 , 2017

Find Your Happy Place

Reserve a work desk at your favourite café or pub on the go with myHQ

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 07 , 2017

At Your Disposal

Mumbai-based start-up Skrap helps reduce your company's garbage footprint 

Naini Thaker | MAY 17 , 2017

Playing Watch Guard

IIT Madras-incubated start-up, DeTect Technologies, ensures oil and gas companies enjoy uninterrupted operations

Siddhi Nayak | MAY 09 , 2017