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Ride Along
Avoid those inevitable traffic snarls by pedalling in the bike lane with Mobycy

Bhakti Tambe

Ride Along

Avoid those inevitable traffic snarls by pedalling in the bike lane with Mobycy

Bhakti Tambe | FEB 12 , 2018

Best Of The Lot

Param has an alternative to the cumbersome process of hiring the right candidate

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | FEB 05 , 2018

Working With AI

Xane has a chatbot solution to ensure employees and employers are on the same page

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JAN 29 , 2018

Lifesavers on call

After establishing its footprint across India, MUrgency is hoping to take its emergency medical response network global

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JAN 19 , 2018

A Drop For All

Bharat Jal aims to ensure clean drinking water isn’t a privilege for only a few

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JAN 15 , 2018

Plugging The Leak

CustomerSuccessBox has cracked the formula to the customer retention problem most SaaS companies face

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 31 , 2017

Mommy Tracker

JioVio’s homecare kit is an ideal companion for pregnant women

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 25 , 2017

The specialists

Xpheno raises the bar in flexi staffing by renting highly-skilled engineers and technicians

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 19 , 2017

Career Confidant

Be it a spot in a top college or company, Leverage Edu enables you to have an edge over competition 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 11 , 2017

The Perfect Find

Do you run an online store that aims to capture and retain more clients? SeekNShop's search engine might be a good way to start

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 08 , 2017

Shop for shimmer

Afraid to buy high-end jewellery on the web? Browse online and shop offline with eJohri

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | NOV 21 , 2017

Smart Learning

Edtech start-up Eupheus Learning is changing the way kids consume knowledge 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | NOV 13 , 2017

Tap For A Drink

Barsys makes it easy to be your own bartender

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 31 , 2017

Gaming at Work

Simulanis uses augmented and virtual reality with gamification to make training fun for students and employees

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 27 , 2017

Gifting Made Easy

Storecheq ensures that you always end up with a gift of your choice

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 25 , 2017

Lawyer's Counsel

AI-based start-up Mike Legal is the ideal assistant for your courtroom battle

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 19 , 2017

Reap What You Sow

Pick a plot, grow your crop and take it home, Bengaluru-based Farmizen makes farming easy

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 09 , 2017

Lawyer On Call

Hiring legal counsel is now a click away with Gurugram-based Legal Resolved 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 04 , 2017

No More Keeping Count

Bengaluru-based Fyle uses AI to simplify expense management 

Naini Thaker | SEP 26 , 2017

Anti-Counterfeiting Squad

Afraid that you may have bought a fake luxury label? Authenticate your purchase with Uniqolabel

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 19 , 2017

Ship Away Your Worries

Delhi-based PortDesk attempts to drive away the maritime blues of the shipping industry

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 14 , 2017

Robo By Your Side

From assisting you with bank work to entertaining you at an event, Invento Tech's Mitra can be your true friend

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 06 , 2017

In-gene-ious Plan

Genecorp crafts customised weight loss plans based on a thorough DNA analysis report 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 24 , 2017

Spot the Difference

No more worrying about copyright infringement with IPHawk's AI-solution

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 15 , 2017