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Big Idea

Snack on a spoon
To reduce use of plastic, two former techies came up with Edible Pro cutlery, which can serve a meal or be one

Hari Menon

Loans to learn

Nujam Technologies' Payed is enabling students to seek loans worry-free and focus on the more important things

Debangana Ghosh | AUG 13 , 2019

Merging dimensions

With its ‘mixed’ reality games, Skipy Interactive is encouraging children to learn and be creative, all while having fun

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 29 , 2019

Partners in grime

Sewage treatment plants that mimic nature could heal our lakes, stop deaths in poorly aired sewage systems and save us money

Hari Menon | JUL 24 , 2019

Snack on a spoon

To reduce use of plastic, two former techies came up with Edible Pro cutlery, which can serve a meal or be one

Hari Menon | JUL 22 , 2019

Bike keyless

Bengaluru-based scooter-rental wants to take the dread out of short city commutes  

Hari Menon | JUN 24 , 2019

Financial Masterclass

LearnApp is getting the best business icons and financial veterans to teach its users to invest and become entrepreneurs

Himanshu Kakkar | JUN 12 , 2019

Rebel with a Cloud

Two IIM grads pursued their love for kathi rolls with single-mindedness, and today run a $220 million food-tech start-up

Shruti Venkatesh | JUN 10 , 2019

Ads Made Smart

If your smile is worth a thousand silvers, a frown is probably worth a lot more. Here’s an AI start-up that tracks your emotions and helps brands make their content stick

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham, Hari Menon | JUN 10 , 2019

Joined the cult?

Myntra co-founder Mukesh Bansal and ex-Flipkarter Ankit Nagori are cashing in on the fitness fad, all guns blazing

Hari Menon | MAY 29 , 2019

Fresh brew

This young beer brand is on its way to disrupt the lager beer market in Delhi

Himanshu Kakkar | MAY 27 , 2019

At full sail

Three-year-old lifestyle electronics brand, boAt has figured out a winning formula in a cluttered market

Himanshu Kakkar | MAY 16 , 2019

Heard of this Phable?

This healthcare app hopes to bridge the distance between patients and doctors, through real-time info sharing

Hari Menon | MAY 06 , 2019

Perks of inclusion

Blue-collared workers can now avail loans easier, thanks to Bengaluru-based PerkFinance

Hari Menon | APR 22 , 2019

Hello Annie

Four engineers want to revolutionise how the blind learn to read and write, and they’ve brought a teacher along for the task

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham, Hari Menon | APR 16 , 2019


A Bengaluru-based start-up is using sound waves to transfer data, which could change the way digital payments are being done

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | APR 01 , 2019

Friendly, neighbourhood e-store

Now local brick-and-mortar stores can get a tech-makeover with Bnext’s software

Debangana Ghosh | APR 01 , 2019

Sweet Treats

  Desserts from Sarrah Kapasi and Alfiya Attarwala are tempting but they aren’t sinfully so  

Debangana Ghosh | MAR 18 , 2019

Happy Lessons

Mumbai-based ARKidzoo makes AR based interactive products for children that promises hours of fun and learning

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | FEB 02 , 2019

Plane Tales

Chennai-based Vaayusastra brings aeronautics and theatrics together, to make lessons in science riveting for children

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JAN 07 , 2019

Underwater Rover

Kochi-based IRov Technologies is the first start-up to sell underwater drones in India

Debangana Ghosh | DEC 21 , 2018

Wonder Kid

Log 9 is an intrepid three-year-old nanotech start-up experimenting with graphene to create game-changing purification products and R&D alliances

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 19 , 2018

Made to order

Karkhana takes the pain out of sourcing for small and upcoming manufacturers

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 17 , 2018

Scan, sift, repeat

Bengaluru-based start-up Vaultedge has developed an AI software that retrieves voluminous data in minutes

Debangana Ghosh | DEC 14 , 2018

Out of thin air

Uravu Labs’ Eva Aqua Panel, which produces water from the atmosphere, could go a long way in solving the country’s water scarcity problem

Debangana Ghosh | DEC 03 , 2018