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Big Idea

‘Yoghurt’ it right, dessert is dahi
Epigamia has become eponymous with flavoured yoghurt in the country, by transforming the humble dahi into a gourmet lifestyle offering

Shruti Venkatesh

Neighbourhood kidney care

This Mumbai-based start-up is on a mission to open dialysis centres at every nook and corner of your city

Debangana Ghosh | MAR 02 , 2020

‘Yoghurt’ it right, dessert is dahi

Epigamia has become eponymous with flavoured yoghurt in the country, by transforming the humble dahi into a gourmet lifestyle offering

Shruti Venkatesh | FEB 25 , 2020

Don’t waste a cloud

Your business is paying for cloud space more than you use it. Lightwing might help you save a few bucks

Hari Menon | FEB 17 , 2020

Express coup

In a competitive and cash-guzzling logistics industry, Ecom Express has emerged as a rare success. What is it doing right?

Himanshu Kakkar | FEB 13 , 2020

Shrimp farmer finds ‘MOJO’

Aquaconnect has an app that could change the way aquaculture is done in India, and investors have taken the bait

Rishabh Bhatnagar | FEB 10 , 2020

Bucking the sales manual

A 500-page training manuals may not be the answer to upskilling your blue-collar workforce. RapL just may be

Hari Menon | FEB 03 , 2020

Taking a moon shot

Plus-size apparel is here to stay, and Bengaluru-based The Pink Moon has bootstrapped its way into the market

Hari Menon | JAN 20 , 2020

Water healers

Aquatic therapy is a burgeoning medical practice and Harsh Mariwala has caught on to it early, with AquaCentric

Krishna Gopalan | JAN 09 , 2020

Lessons from a tribe

Bengaluru’s Masai School promises you a Rs.50,000 a month package. If it fails, you don’t pay a thing

Hari Menon | JAN 06 , 2020

Coding Creativity

WhiteHat Jr is on a mission to make complex coding as easy as child’s play

Debangana Ghosh | DEC 19 , 2019

Babble out, Bobble in

This Gurugram-based start-up has found its winning formula in zinging up your old-school smartphone keyboards and making texting fun again

Debangana Ghosh | DEC 18 , 2019

The key to everything

Ditch those access cards and entry registers. You could soon be entering your home, workplace and even hotel rooms with just your smartphone

Hari Menon | DEC 02 , 2019

Electric Blue

Walking is tedious and short cab rides are tough to get. Yulu, with its shared bikes, offers the next ‘woke’ mode of transport

Hari Menon | NOV 12 , 2019

Load off your mind

This Bengaluru-based start-up is on a mission to change the mental health diagnosis technique in India

Debangana Ghosh | NOV 11 , 2019

Driving to E-ndependence

With its electric motors, this Pune-based start-up hopes to free an electric India from imports

Hari Menon | NOV 06 , 2019

Rideshare 3.0

Roads in our metros aren’t getting less congested anytime soon, but this start-up is making our office commute a little less strenuous

Hari Menon | OCT 22 , 2019

Selling better stories

Forget dogs, this start-up wants to be a content writer’s new best friend. Meet Instoried

Hari Menon | OCT 21 , 2019

Trust but verify

With the help of technology and Aadhaar’s massive data trove, this start-up is making identity verification effortless for its clients

Hari Menon | OCT 17 , 2019

Road to retail

The world is moving online and traditional retailers may be facing an existential crisis. But a start-up from Axilor’s latest cohort, Inroadz, may have just discovered an elixir

Hari Menon | OCT 14 , 2019

Tracking Sensibly

Sensiwise from Axilor’s latest cohort aims to make quality-control a cake-walk for logistics companies

Hari Menon | OCT 07 , 2019

Express check-up

This Bengaluru-based start-up can diagnose drug-resistant tuberculosis in just five hours

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 30 , 2019

Soul Food

The subsistence crop of yesteryears, ragi has been revived through breakfast cereals, snacks and health drinks

Anwesha Mitra | SEP 26 , 2019

Easy Money

Now you can win big while playing some of the most addictive phone games, with WinZO Games

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 09 , 2019

Keep It As It Is

Bengaluru-based As-It-Is Nutrition offers an easy, no-frills solution to the ‘Where do you get your protein, bro?’ conundrum 

Hari Menon | AUG 26 , 2019