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Music Lab
Unleash your inner musical talent and expand your network of like-minded artists with CoCreato

Bhakti Tambe

Music Lab

Unleash your inner musical talent and expand your network of like-minded artists with CoCreato

Bhakti Tambe | APR 16 , 2018

The Next- Gen Lego

Started by a bunch of IITians, Smartivity is making learning fun while creating a truly cutting edge Indian toy brand

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | APR 12 , 2018

Healthy Craving

Ditch the unhealthy canteen staples for guilt-free munchies from Delhi-based Evolve's menu 

Bhakti Tambe | APR 05 , 2018

Wee-hour Surprise

Milkbasket’s differentiated model makes it stand out in the online grocery business

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAR 30 , 2018

Virtual Identifier

Creating and securing your digital DNA is now a few clicks away with Bitgram 

Bhakti Tambe | MAR 26 , 2018

Tactile Learning

Experiential learning programme developer, ThinkTac, is teaching schools how to put scientific theory to practice 

Bhakti Tambe | MAR 19 , 2018

Premium Living

Stanza Living's student housing ensures you never feel away from home 

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 05 , 2018

Dr. Fixit

Bengaluru-based Machinup helps your manufacturing equipment increase its productivity while reducing your cost via AI

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAR 02 , 2018

All In One

TrashCon’s waste management technology is a step towards India’s ‘zero waste’ goal

Bhakti Tambe | FEB 21 , 2018

Ride Along

Avoid those inevitable traffic snarls by pedalling in the bike lane with Mobycy

Bhakti Tambe | FEB 12 , 2018

Best Of The Lot

Param has an alternative to the cumbersome process of hiring the right candidate

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | FEB 05 , 2018

Working With AI

Xane has a chatbot solution to ensure employees and employers are on the same page

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JAN 29 , 2018

Lifesavers on call

After establishing its footprint across India, MUrgency is hoping to take its emergency medical response network global

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JAN 19 , 2018

A Drop For All

Bharat Jal aims to ensure clean drinking water isn’t a privilege for only a few

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JAN 15 , 2018

Plugging The Leak

CustomerSuccessBox has cracked the formula to the customer retention problem most SaaS companies face

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 31 , 2017

Mommy Tracker

JioVio’s homecare kit is an ideal companion for pregnant women

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 25 , 2017

The specialists

Xpheno raises the bar in flexi staffing by renting highly-skilled engineers and technicians

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 19 , 2017

Career Confidant

Be it a spot in a top college or company, Leverage Edu enables you to have an edge over competition 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 11 , 2017

The Perfect Find

Do you run an online store that aims to capture and retain more clients? SeekNShop's search engine might be a good way to start

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | DEC 08 , 2017

Shop for shimmer

Afraid to buy high-end jewellery on the web? Browse online and shop offline with eJohri

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | NOV 21 , 2017

Smart Learning

Edtech start-up Eupheus Learning is changing the way kids consume knowledge 

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | NOV 13 , 2017

Tap For A Drink

Barsys makes it easy to be your own bartender

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 31 , 2017

Gaming at Work

Simulanis uses augmented and virtual reality with gamification to make training fun for students and employees

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 27 , 2017

Gifting Made Easy

Storecheq ensures that you always end up with a gift of your choice

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | OCT 25 , 2017