My Favourite

Amit Jain, Global CEO, Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy

Reading rejuvenates the mind and body, feels Amit Jan, an avid reader himself

Published 2 months ago on Mar 28, 2024 1 minute Read

Favourite Book

I am an avid reader and I feel that reading rejuvenates the mind and the body. My favourite is The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh. It wonderfully presents an evaluation of the horrors of colonialism and capitalist exploitation.

Favourite Movie

I feel that movies must entertain and, at the same time, also improve one’s outlook towards life and society. I like 3 Idiots, which not only entertains but also touches upon an important topic facing the society today. Recently, I watched Scoop, a Hindi show based on a true story, which was also very interesting.

Favourite Sport

Cricket. It is truly fascinating that 13 players on the field—two batsmen and 11 fielders—mesmerise thousands of cheering fans in the stands. The electrifying mood in the stadium is unimaginable and further stimulates the millions of fans watching the telecast worldwide.

Favourite Cuisine

North Indian food is close to my heart. However, frequent international travel has resulted in my exploration of various cuisines from around the globe. Out of these, I think Thai and Japanese are 
my favourite.

Favourite Holiday Destination

I have travelled around the world, but South Africa is special for me. It gives a visitor everything—the finest beaches, enchanting natural beauty, unmatched wildlife and beautiful cityscape. It has excellent weather, which is rarely very hot or very cold, and its bright sunshine makes one feel reenergised.