My Favourite

Ranveer Brar

While Brar grew up eating and appreciating Lucknawi and Bengali cuisine, it is Turkish cuisine that the chef and restaurateur enjoys innovating with 

Favourite Book

Food for Thought, Thought for Food by Ferran Adria. The concept of chefs being no different than artists in their own right is what fascinated and continues to fascinate me in this book. The sheer mastery of Adria and how he unleashed his creativity in the culinary world is truly empowering

Favourite movie

Shawshank Redemption. It is a movie that appeals at all levels as it talks about friendships, hope and all the emotions that stand the true test of time

Favourite sport

Cricket and soccer. Perfect to unwind with and also to get an adrenaline rush when needed

Favourite cuisine  

I grew up eating and appreciating Lucknawi and Bengali cuisine and grew to love and innovate with Turkish cuisine

Favourite destination

Koh Kood island in Thailand. It is a beautiful self-sustained group of islands that is ecologically blessed, aesthetically mesmerising and culturally so rich that you can never discover enough in one trip. Would love to go back some day