Licious launches new ad campaign 'Baat Badal De'

With its new campaign ‘Baat Badal De’, Licious wants consumers to ask ‘Where it’s from?’ and not just ‘What’s the recipe?’

For all the meat eaters out there, there is nothing better than biting into a succulent chicken leg or a perfectly cooked fish. But not many prefer going to the live meat market to get their fill of food and this 2015 meat start-up Licious knows that. They guarantee quality products, delivered to your doorstep. “Our target audience is all meat and seafood consumers in India, looking for hygienic, good quality products made available at their doorstep,” says Vivek Gupta, co-founder, Licious.

To popularize their offering, the company has launched a brand campaign, comprising two ads, called ‘Baat Badal De.’ In the first ad, a mother is questioning her daughter for choosing a 'fish-loving' Bengali man over a Punjabi one. But she goes into the kitchen and tries the fish that the daughter’s partner has just prepared. Recipes she has tried aplenty, but this fish is absolutely delicious and she asks him where he got it. To that question, he just shows a Licious pack and leaves the woman impressed who adds with a grin, “Agar humare zamane me aisi fish milti, toh pakka tumhare baba se shaadi karti!”

The other ad is as humorous even though it seems like a bit of a stretch. An owner of an apartment, who looks like a goon, barges in to demand his rent. But his attention shifts to the chicken the tenant is cooking. As he takes a bite of the juicy chicken leg, the tenant blushes and says it’s his wife’s recipe. To that, the owner retorts, “Har wife ki recipe achchi hoti hai, chicken kaha se hai?” And he leaves without taking the rent.

“We realised the need to speak to customers in their language; to shift the focus from recipe to meat. Thus, we arrived at the core campaign thought that focuses on transforming the role of the meat in your meal and the way meat is spoken about,” explains Abhay Hanjura, co-founder, Licious. Food that tastes good often prompts people to spontaneously comment and ask about the recipe or the ingredients used. “That's where the big idea started to assume shape. Why not ask, ‘where’s the chicken/fish from’ instead of saying, 'what's the recipe?'! This insight served as an organic means to introduce the brand and charted the transformation of everyday moments into unforgettable experiences,” says Sujoy Roy, managing partner, Ogilvy. And with spot on casting and simple storylines, this campaign will not just entertain you, but also work up your appetite.