Clarity in ambiguity

PepsiCo India’s 7Up believes that being unclear with confidence is the new clarity  

It’s okay if you don’t know. We’ve heard that before. But, 7Up goes one step further in its newly launched commercial to assert that indecisiveness is in fact better than certainty. Targeted at millennials and seeking to reflect their approach to life, the ad introduces a new version of the PepsiCo drink. “I don’t know is my new clarity,” asserts a sprightly young man that leaves viewers wondering how being in doubt could translate into clarity.

Gaurav Verma, associate director-flavours marketing, PepsiCo India, explains the brand’s inspiration. “New-age millennials are increasingly becoming confident in dealing with ambiguity in this constantly changing world. Ambiguity presents many more possibilities. ‘I don’t know’ is one such consumer expression that lets you explore. The phrase reflects the confidence, attitude and new clarity of this generation.” Ritu Sharda, the executive creative director of BBDO India, describes the thought further, “For millennials, this is a statement of exploration, a new kind of thinking that sets them free from a straight predictable boring path. ‘I don't know’ is not confusion for them. It’s a new clarity that they are comfortable with”.

This is the second 7Up commercial of the ‘Hum toh hain like this’ series that makes a bold and refreshing statement. Last year, the brand released a TVC that showcased a beauty pageant contestant who chose honesty over diplomacy, thus reflecting the brand’s idea to challenge traditional practices. “The objective of the ad is to change conventional ways of doing things and dealing with stereotypes. Being in doubt is about not living with the accepted norms. We want to offer 7Up as the new clear choice to the new generation and ride on the wave of social change,” says Verma with absolute clarity. One can't miss the clever reference to the punchline of competing brand, Sprite — 'Clear Hai'. And it only becomes amply clear as the protagonist concludes with a call for an end to the old clarity.