Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur 2018

"It's only too common for a small fish to get crushed when titans clash"

 Secret Diary Of Subhash Chandra — Part  2

Photograph by Soumik Kar

I came in contact with Sanjay Gandhi through an acquaintance, Tripathi. I would carry out small errands such as buying tickets for the Gandhi family, whereby I would meet Sanjay just enough number of times for him to remember my name and face. Those days it was not easy to meet the Gandhi family as they were not in power. In the meantime, my business associate, Chanana, told me about the USSR barter trade where the country bought commodities from India, and it was through political patronage. We designed a deal — I would get the export order, he would put in the working capital, and we would divide the money 50:50. I decided to enlist the help of a relative, who had a fairly tarnished image — Rajinder Mittal — to meet Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari. He was known to wield great influence then and I had a straight conversation with him. After several long dicussions, he arranged a meeting with Rajiv Gandhi.