Reaching out

Wai Wai noodles launches its first ever pan-nation ad campaign 

Everyone relishes a hot cup of noodles. Easy to cook, tasty and economical, it is no wonder that noodles form an integral part of the staple diet of many students and young working professionals. In an attempt to get a piece of this huge market, the famed Nepal noodle brand Wai Wai has launched its first ever pan-nation campaign in India.

Despite the brand’s prolonged existence in the country and its dominance in the north-east markets, the time to explore other regions has come only now says GP Sah, CEO of CG Foods who are the makers of Wai Wai. “We were a bit selective in choosing our markets at the start. But now, we have grown to a level where we can afford a volume ramp up and a national campaign,” he says.

Sah also further says that campaign is different as it appeals to a slightly older market comprising college teenagers, students and young professionals; a sect that has been loyal consumers of noodles but hasn’t been targeted at by other players. “All the noodle ads in India for the past 30 years predominantly revolves around kids and mothers. We wanted to focus on a demographic that can understand our product and our offerings well,” he explains.

Another unique attribute of Wai Wai which will work across the nation is its branding says Colvyn Harris, CEO, Harris-Mint who also acts as a strategic advisor to CG Foods. “While all the products are branded ‘ready to cook’, Wai Wai is a ‘ready to eat’ product. Consumers can eat it as a dry snack, as a soup or as a meal,” he remarks. 

While the ad is currently realeased only in Hindi, the brand is using around 15 social channels to create a presence in the southern markets. Furthermore, the regional edits of the ad will be also released before the end of September.