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What’s In A Surname?

Lots, if it is Birla. For Nirvaan Birla, MD and promoter of Birla Open Minds and Birla Brainiacs, it opened many doors but also shut a few

"The Birla carries a lot of trust globally. It has a significant impact whenever I meet clients or customers. But, it also carries a lot of responsibility" Nirvaan Birla, Managing Director Birla Open Minds

The oak-panelled conference room at Mumbai’s century-old family-owned Industry House has witnessed generations of the enterprising Birla family members preside over meetings. Surrounded by the omniscient presence of his larger-than-life clan’s accomplishments, stands Nirvaan Birla, the second son of Yashovardhan, or Yash—as he is popularly known—Birla, chairman of the Yash Birla Group.