Power Couple

High octane

This special issue gets up, close and personal with many of India’s power couples

India, arguably, is the only country in the world where the stock market regulator has mandated that every listed company have at least one woman director on its board. For the record, a little over 240 listed companies have complied with the norm by the stipulated October 1, 2014 deadline. While the merit of the adherence and the repercussion for non-adherence is open to debate, the intent itself is noteworthy in a nation where the majority of women do not have access to a fraction of the institutional opportunities that their urban counterparts enjoy. 

Notwithstanding that harsh reality, as a business magazine, we are always on the lookout for success stories that serve as inspiration to each of us. This Outlook Business special edition on power couples is another move in that direction. They say it’s lonely at the top but is it, really? That’s what we try and find out from our 20 power couples. 

Each of these couples have successfully juggled their careers and managed to get their work-life balance right. We asked them how helpful it is to have a spouse who can not only empathise with professional dilemmas but also bring in clarity through their own experience and wisdom.  

While behind every successful man is a great woman, in this age of equal opportunities, the opposite is also true. It is hard, maybe impossible, for women to make it to the corner office in the absence of an organisational and personal support system, which includes parents, in-laws and, of course, their spouse. And when the spouse himself is a high achiever, the feedback loop is intensely enriching.

Apart from that, what also keeps them going is the sense of comfort and understanding that each partner has for the other. The couples have, over the years, found the rhythm that keeps their personal life and professional careers buzzing. Loaded with snappy questions on life, work and everything in between, this special issue gets up, close and personal with many of India’s power couples. 


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