Youth Inc.

Time to show off

Two- and four-wheelers are not only used by the youth to get from point A to B, but also to make a style statement

Photos courtesy: Business Standard Motoring

Most weekend evenings at Carter Road, a few blocks away from the local police station, a few men huddle together and compare merchandise. Occasionally, they have an uninvited lecher, who stops to stare at the shiny parts on show. What’s on display here are mods. The merchandise would have drawn an even bigger crowd if the mods were indeed, curvy, long-legged models. In this case, although it attracts its share of gawkers, mods stand for modified — bikes and even superbikes tweaked to give a muscled and mean look. The owners of this merchandise are a mixed bag of rich and not-so-rich kids and self-employed motorcycle enthusiasts. This motley bunch yak about air filters, internal combustion engines and air-fuel mixtures. These conversations are not restricted to Mumbai; a similar group hangs around Airport Road in Bengaluru, or near the F1 circuit in Greater Noida and even at NH-17 just outside Kochi.