The Outperformers 2014

Bullet Raja

The iconic Royal Enfield is driving most of Eicher Motors’ growth and the pillion rider is enjoying the ride

RA Chandroo

In a country obsessed with ‘maa’ and cinema, you know your brand has hit the motherlode — pun fully intended — when Bollywood decides to name one of its many wannabe-Western flicks after it. Unlike the tepid thriller named after it, however, Royal Enfield continues to find success with a generation that grew up listening to tales of daddy’s first Bullet — the latter being the colloquial term given to the iconic bike’s noisy retort. It is not just pop culture that is benefiting from the bike’s legend, though — for a while now, Royal Enfield sales have been driving the fortunes of Eicher Motors, and CEO and MD Siddhartha Lal is not complaining. A quick glance through Eicher’s third quarter (the company follows a calendar year) results would be enough to fool an outsider into thinking there was never a slide in the automotive sector. “Royal Enfield continues to do well in Q3CY14, with our best quarter results so far,” says Lal.