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"Great Entrepreneurs have a learn-it-all, and not a know-it-all approach"

Benchmark Capital's Peter Fenton expects a couple of breakout IPOs in the open source space

Published 5 years ago on Dec 09, 2016 13 minutes Read

Peter Fenton was told by his dad that he had all the traits to become a successful venture capitalist – he was obsessed with learning, was hyper competitive and was empathetic. His dad was not wrong. Today, Fenton is one of the most successful technology investors who has made winning bets in both consumer and enterprise businesses. Fenton backed Twitter when it was just a 25-member company and even now continues to be on the board. In 2014, three of his enterprise companies – Hortonworks, New Relic and Zendesk – went public, joining the billion dollar valuation club. Over the next three years, Fenton expects to see some breakout IPOs in the open source space.