Masterspeak 2015

"When we make mistakes, we need to squeeze every lesson out because the tuition fee is expensive"

Aquamarine Capital's Guy Spier is the evergreen learner, who calls himself an accidental value investor 

Published 7 years ago on Sep 04, 2015 12 minutes Read
Photographs by N Mahalakshmi

By all accounts 51-year-old Guy Spier is an accidental value investor. After completing his undergraduate studies at Oxford, Spier earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School. Just like the rest of his peers, Spier ended up as an investment banker on Wall Street. But he soon found the all-pervasive whatever-it-takes culture stifling his conscience. The credo “anything goes” was not for Spier who finally found his true calling when he turned to investing in 1997 by launching Aquamarine Fund, modeled largely on Warren Buffett’s investing principles.