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"India entrepreneurs are among the best globally because it is difficult to build a company in India"

WestBridge Capital's Sumir Chadha has an enviable mid-cap investing track record

Published 6 years ago on Sep 04, 2015 16 minutes Read
Photographs by Dawid Bilski

Sumir Chadha has been literally going up the investing curve. Kicking off his investing career with Goldman Sachs, the capitalist in him quit that highly lucrative and cushy job to co-found his own India-focused venture fund called WestBridge Capital in 2000. Chadha and his partners grew the fund before it merged with Sequoia Capital in 2006. In early 2011 he spun off from Sequoia to reboot WestBridge but this time with a bigger canvas in mind. Having been there, done that in venture investing, if there was one notable takeaway for Chadha, it was that as a startup you got to play for scale.