"The stronger a brand gets in a particular category...

Jack Trout, founder, Trout & Partners

Published 9 years ago on Feb 02, 2013 15 minutes Read
Mark Manley

Locating the office of Trout & Partners is turning out to be a puzzle but breathing the rarified air around makes the effort worth it. Greenwich, Connecticut is hedge-fund country and has been chronicled endlessly for its aggregation of centi-millionaires. Our rendezvous point is 8, Wahneta Road but among the neatly laid houses, we can spot 9 & 10 but not the address where we are supposed to meet Jack Trout, who along with Al Ries, positioned ‘positioning’ in every B-school student’s vocabulary. Right now, we are wondering if we have got our positioning wrong. There is nobody around who is familiar and the cabbie who dropped us has already vamoosed. As we are about to hesitatingly pace down the block for a second time wondering if we should call Trout’s office, we hear a shout asking, “Is it me you are looking for?” The call is familiar and so is the man, Not that we were expecting Lionel Richie, but Trout has stepped out of his office to reposition us, his assistant having noticed the wandering flock through the window. Trout is still practicing what he has been preaching about brand management to companies. “Be their first, go out of your way to connect and be consistent.” The net result is that Trout not only lives among the jetset but he is as familiar a name in Pune as he is in Washington.