Masterspeak - The Collector's Issue

“Masterspeak”, features interviews with 15 prominent global thought leaders

Last August, the Outlook Business editorial team decided that every year we need to offer at least one issue that would be read not just that one fortnight when the issue is out on the stands, but through the year — again and again. The idea for 2013 was to create a special, Collector’s Issue where some of the world’s finest thinkers would come together to offer our readers insights, advice and food for further thought. 

Late last year, deputy editor Rajesh Padmashali and I travelled across the US to conduct these interviews. Starting off from the financial capital of the world, New York, we travelled through Boston, the nerve centre of American history where Harvard University is also situated, before landing at Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the Mecca of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The end product, “Masterspeak”, features interviews with 15 prominent thought leaders. Keeping in sync with the content mix of Outlook Business, the thinkers have been chosen for their work in Enterprise, Strategy and Markets. Whether it is marketing advice from Jack Trout, insights on the state of the US economy and markets from the King of Bankruptcy Wilbur Ross, or how to identify emerging technology trends from David Cheriton, Stanford University professor and the only billionaire academician in the world, who funded Google as a start-up — this first edition in an annual series has them all. 

Personally, the experience of meeting and talking to these highly accomplished people has been extremely enriching for me. We are certain you will find this special edition equally informative and insightful and it will find a place on your keepers’ shelf. Do leave some room there, though — like we promised, this is just the first of many special editions we plan to bring out.

Happy reading!