Best Buddies 2017

Arun George, Mukesh Tolani and Sibi Venkataraju

For Toit co-founders work has always been fun and having beer on tap certainly helps

Vishal Koul

Sibi Venkataraju, Mukesh Tolani and Arun George have been friends since their school days in Bengaluru. But eventually, George and Venkataraju moved to Singapore for higher studies and work. In 2008, it was while having a beer after work in Singapore that they decided the world deserved better beer than the one they were having at a local microbrewery. Venkataraju always had his heart set on running a restaurant. So when George suggested they start a micro-brewery back home in Bengaluru, he jumped at the idea. Luckily for them, Tolani was already running a successful restaurant with his partner Glen Williams. When they pitched the idea to Tolani and Williams, both were only too glad to join the purposeful cause. After successfully tackling the various hurdles of getting clearances and licences, Toit was launched in 2010. The co-founders, who have taken an interesting pledge to make this world a happier and boozier place, have even learnt to brew beer. The school friends have complementary skill-sets that ensure the business is balanced. Venkataraju is the focused and disciplined one at work ensuring everything goes on time, George is the chilled one who calms frayed nerves, while Tolani manages the ka-ching! For these three musketeers, work has always been fun and yes, having beer on tap certainly helps.