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In the convenience economy in which technology is disrupting every business, food delivery is no exception

In The Prosperity Paradox, Clayton M Christensen advocates attacking poverty from a whole new angle

In a new study, McKinsey Global Institute notes how digital technology can transform traditional business

Noel Tata’s astute business sense and a unique retail strategy have enabled Trent to achieve robust growth, despite fluctuating demand

Outlook Business chronicles inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs and changemakers who 'conquered the world' with their persistence

By riding business and earning cycles, Invesco’s Amit Ganatra’s stock bets have paid rich dividend

While the recent growth in industrial production of just 0.5% is cause for concern, MSMEs across clusters believe that FY20 will be good for business

Speaker, thinker and creativity guru Fredrik Härén on breaking the shackles of constrained thinking in business and life

Howard Kunreuther's Mastering Catastrophic Risk is a preventive guide that helps entrepreneurs anticipate disruption

Scott E Page’s The Model Thinker advocates a multiple-models approach to make more accurate predictions

In this indulgence-filled year-end special edition Outlook Business, celebrates three loves – food, fashion and travel – without apology

Outlook Business chronicles inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs who were not afraid to pursue their passion

Homegrown unicorns are venturing overseas with the prospect of greater business. Will they emerge victorious?

For the mangaging director of Havmor ice cream and restaurant, there is no better bet than his business

The managing director of Claris Lifesciences is open to new business opportunities, besides steadily investing in real estate

An exclusive roundtable with India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business Upper Crest - Part 2

Insights from the country's leading wealth advisors at Outlook Business' 7th annual private wealth roundtable, Upper Crest- Part 1

After inheriting a technical textiles business from their father, Kartik and Ashish Ram placed winning bets on chemicals and packaging

Annie Duke draws on examples from poker and business to write about smart decision-making

The truism that if one can succeed in India, then one can succeed anywhere in the world is not bereft of merit as it is still not easy to do business here

To deal with regulatory and competitive pressure, mobile wallet players are tweaking their business model to live another day

Joshua Gans, Avi Goldfarb and Ajay Agrawal use economic tools to discuss the power of artificial intelligence

Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson discuss the implications of three technological developments in business

Bizongo is combining technology and business acumen to fulfil the packaging needs of corporate India

Harvard Business School professor Bharat Anand on using the internet to foster customer interaction