Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s investing journey is legendary. This is what he learnt

Soumik Kar

‘Bhaiya’ for insiders, ‘Rocky’ for markets, and ‘Big Bull’ for everyone else.

If there is one man who can make everyone sit up and listen to him, it’s Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. His high-pitched rhetoric transfixes all who listen to him, mainly because he passionately believes something that we would all like to believe as well: Our own great future. His conviction in the future of India is spell-binding to say the least. Jhunjhunwala, 49*, is icon for millions of wannabe stock market millionaires. Everyone is aware that his riches were created through stocks he held for many, many years and the wait that proved to be worth it. What is less talked about is the serious risk that accompanied these investments when they were made. Even less known is the fact that it is his aggression in trading that has been his primary source of capital. The adulation for RJ is not just because of his long-running track record in investing but also because he has maintained his dignity for so long in stock markets, where high fliers have often turned out to be dubious or at least have tarnished their reputation at some point or the other.

At a comparative young age of 15, my fathers’ conversations with various people introduced me to the world of stocks and stock markets. I started reading the daily stock quotations in the newspapers and realised that stock values fluctuate and I found that fascinating.

I was a curious child and was constantly quizzing my dad as to why these values fluctuate. He asked me to relate fluctuations to the news items appearing in the newspapers, thus, beginning the unending process of my education as an investor.

I was told that profit and loss accounts and balance sheets play an important role in determining stock values, and thus I started reading every annual report that I could lay my hands on and scanned the newspapers for news on company’s profits.

In the meanwhile, I completed my graduation and starte


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