Confession of a value investor - Part 1

A tale of how intelligence and serendipity combined to create the killing of a lifetime

This is a story about two stocks that I have owned in my as yet brief stint with investing. Let me start with the story of the first one. This is a few years after I had started out about 15 years ago. The setting was thus. The tech bubble had burst. In the run-up to the bubble, it was IT sector all the way with donkeys and horses alike dancing all the way to the sky. There were two other sectors which had a rub-off from Information Technology (Tech); media and telecom. The three together became the invincible Trinity, and were collectively branded ‘TMT’ by the glorifying media. Some people who could not join the song-and-dance tried their hand at two other sectors, FMCG and Pharma. Besides these sectors, every other sector and every company in those sectors were touted as the old economy ‘touch-them-nots’. Once the tech mania fizzled out as it ought to have, the whole market collapsed, and took the already battered old economy stocks even further down. It was hangover time.