"Institutionalise processes that take away bias"

Deepak Visweswaraiah, MD, NetApp India on ensuring fairness in an organisation

Published 8 years ago on Feb 17, 2016 1 minute Read

Be transparent and accountable: It is important to be transparent about your decisions and be fair as a manager, while actually doing the right things. Managers need to uphold the standards set. They need to institutionalise processes that take away bias and encourage decision-makers, leaders and employees alike to make decisions and behave in a way that embodies the spirit of fairness.

Create opportunities for employees: Offering everyone a good shot at doing what they are capable of makes employees feel that their contributions are valued; they feel like they are a part of the organisation. What most people expect from organisations is the equal opportunity to compete on a level playing field, be it for an open position, an interesting project, to conceptualise an idea or to drive an initiative.

Empower employees: Successful companies are those where leaders support and solicit employee feedback. Such a platform also helps emphasise the importance of candour, collaboration and teamwork among employees. While some of these steps are now mandatory in today’s workplaces, their essence lies in an open culture where hierarchy is not a deterrent to discussion.

Ensure growth and rewards: Ask employees what the best example of fairness is and a majority will cite receiving a just reward for their contributions. In the world of technology, the biggest enabler is the choice to be able to work on exciting projects. Here, it is important to be fair in assessing if cross-functional and cross-geographical roles can be made accessible to those who deserve them.

Run a fair business, both inside and out: Giving back to society is a matter of carrying the fairness quotient outside the business. The focus should be on empowering employees to give back to society, especially in terms of time-off to volunteer. Creating fair and successful partnerships is a matter of building trust and being a team player, both when interacting with customers and partners.