“Customers expect companies to anticipate the products they need next”

Sunil Jose, senior VP and country leader, Salesforce India on five ways to exceed customer expectations

Published 6 years ago on Nov 29, 2017 1 minute Read
Soumik Kar

Put customers at the centre of your business: Customers drive conversations that provide brands with opportunities that only intent listeners can decode. Hence, aligning your business objectives to the evolving customer preferences will help cultivate customer experiences that mirror real human interactions.

Personalisation is key: Customers understand the value of their data and are willing to provide it to trusted companies in exchange for highly personalised shopping experiences and brand interactions. If you don’t get to know your customers, they won’t hesitate to shop around. They increasingly expect companies to anticipate the products they need next.

Embrace immediacy: Technology is changing customer expectations of timely interactions. Successful brands prioritise real time, cross-channel, personalised, and effortless service and communication. Embrace a mobile-first mindset and use technology to respond as soon as — or even before — a customer reaches out. 

Use AI to deepen customer relationships: The insights that AI surfaces — descriptive, prescriptive and predictive — provide, not only help organisations create 360-degree views of each customer, but also give customer-facing employees the insights and guidance needed to optimise every interaction.

Understand the connected customer: The modern customer expects brands to feed them information wherever they are to make better and faster decisions. However, most Indian brands fall short of understanding the urgency of the connected world. Brands must leverage technology at their customers’ disposal.