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Gourmet Pop

Plain is passe, popcorn is now available in a lip-smacking avatar

Popcorn first popped into your mouth through the ubiquitous roadside vendor. His small kiosks had a popcorn machine visible to the customer and watching it was captivating; the eager machine popped away happily after kernels are added, spitting fluffy popcorn through its lid. Then came multiplexes, which along with swanky floors and seats also introduced the average Indian to flavoured tub popcorn. For a country that revers cinema, there was no better route to the Indian heart. But, the snack has now shed its humble avatar and is now donning the gourmet hat; enticing the gourmand in exciting new flavours.

For the all-time chocoholic and caramel aficionados, PVR owned 4700 BC’s Nutty Tuxedo Crafted chocolate is a dream come true. As the name suggests, it’s the perfect choco delight with a dash of dark, milk and white chocolate suited up in a delicious nut tuxedo like covering. “We do not use any shortcuts to develop our flavours,” says Chirag Gupta, co-founder, 4700 BC explaining the richness of their products. “We make sure that our flavours are perfect and made from the scratch. None of our ingredients are semi-processed,” he adds. A regular tin that roughly weighs 675 grams costs Rs. 849. The brand has 11 stores – 9 in Delhi and 2 in Bangalore.

One can never have too much of chocolate. If you are nodding your head as you read, then Onesta Confectionaries’ Double Chocolate popcorn is your dessert for the day. Made with fine chocolate and imported corn, this is one treat that no one can say no to. “All of our machinery is state of the art imported from the states and the corn we use are also imported to maintain the quality of the product,” says Neha Chaudhary, owner, Onesta. A tin that holds close to a kilo of this brown beauty costs Rs. 720.

If you are the savoury enthusiast, then Crunch Box’s Holy Smokes! Wasabi ought to spice it up for you. A combination of Wasabi and candied ginger, this delectable combination if you go overboard, might set your taste buds on fire! Diksha Rai, co-founder, The Crunch Box says Indians are getting increasingly exploratory when it comes to tastes.” Consumers are leaning towards fresh and preservative free products. They are more open to new ideas and international flavours,” she says. To constantly keep innovating, The Crunch Box has a new variant every month titled ‘flavour of the month’. “The plan is to keep experimenting and giving your customers something new every time they come,” Rai adds. A regular tin of Holy Smokes! Wasabi that holds approximately 110 grams costs Rs. 324. The Crunch Box has 5 outlets in Delhi and also serves on Indigo flights and at Barista as well.

While the rest of the players in the market opt for imported machines, Planet pop India uses their own machinery designed by their in-house team says it’s CEO Bharat Ramani. “This enables us to be more versatile and come up with more products. Also, the popcorn has a hand-crafted feel,” he adds. A mere medium pack of the brand’s dark chocolate popcorn costs Rs.150 in Northern India. The company has four outlets across India and also sell on Air Costa flights.

What are you still waiting for? This festive season, forget the jamuns and pedas and surprise your loved ones with gourmet popcorn.