The Good Life

Accessories Galore

What would a natty gent be without his accessories? Arguably the hottest subject in men’s fashion right now, they are finally earning their due

Ties: While the tie in its knit avatar is the trendiest version around, we’re seeing a lot of experimentation going on in terms of quirky prints and patterns. Ties are increasingly being used in the business casual context and are definitely worth the hype. The current tie trends range from quirky patterns and micro checks to austere solids, sometimes with a single line or logo at the centre. Stock up on those indispensable silk ties from Hermès, featuring a bunch of gorgeous quirky motifs. The house of Loro Piana, known for its cashmere, does some awesome cashmere knitted ties. 

Bowties: Nothing says dandy better than a bowtie, with its unmistakable vintage appeal. Coupled with retro tweed suits or a tuxedo, and even in a modern avatar with a sports coat or a gilet, the bowtie is extremely versatile. Tom Ford’s velvet or silk bowties are perfect for a tuxedo on the red carpet. Alternately, major sartorialists ranging from Hugo Boss to Turnbull & Asser offer exquisite bowties in silk, cotton and even jacquard.

Luxury Backpacks: With the prevailing athleisure trend, the accessory du jour is the ubiquitous backpack. No longer is the backpack the preserve of students, as they are now being designed in all sorts of luxurious materials. Check out the luxurious backpacks from the houses of Louis Vuitton and Longchamp, designed in exquisite leather. Gucci’s leather trimmed coated-canvas backpacks are oh-so-trendy, while Tom Ford’s simple Buckley leather backpacks are all the rage. 

Socks: Play around with your socks as much as possible, is what most seasoned sartorial gents will tell you. If your ensemble is sombre, go all out with your socks and step up the quirk factor. While Sweden-based Happy Socks is your best bet for quirky socks, look up the collections from Prada, Gucci and Paul Smith for some fun options. However, if you fancy a more discreet pair of socks, try out the über-comfy cashmere socks by Brunello Cucinelli in grey and black. 

Sneakers: The mainstay of the current athleisure trend, sneakers are all the rage and seem to be in no hurry to leave us. What is most often being seen is how sneakers are being incorporated into formal ensembles, with the sneaker suit combination being a perfect example. Sportswear brands like Reebok and Nike as well as luxury brands like Valentino and Berluti have jumped on the sneaker bandwagon. Check out Zegna’s triple stitch Pelle Tessuta Leather sneakers and Gucci’s nifty range of applique sneakers. 

Must-Have: A pair of original Wayfarer sunglasses from Ray-Ban never goes out of style. 

Sports Watch of the Season: Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot, or the new Apple Watch Series 3.

Formal Watch of the Season: IWC Portugieser Grande Complication.

Stock up: Don’t forget to build a collection of cufflinks, tie pins, and lapel pins, in addition to pocket squares and ties, which you can mix and match with every suit. 

Try out: These days, we rarely ever think of hats as an important accessory. But there’s nothing more elegant than a striking hat, especially when you’re walking down the streets of London or Paris. Borsalino’s rabbit felt fedoras are an absolute delight! 

Jewellery: When it comes to men’s jewellery, less is always more. A good idea is to wear one standout piece, it could be anything – a chain, a bracelet or a ring. Platinum is the current favourite among men, while the more experimental could even opt for diamonds!