My Favourite

Ritu Kapur

Be it home or office, there's not a space that hasn't been given The Quint co-founder's artsy touch

Published 6 years ago on Feb 08, 2018 1 minute Read
Vishal Koul

I love Like Water For Chocolate. The book is a heady high, mixing relationships in passionate recipes, that reminds life needs moderation and balance. I haven’t come across another book that uses food and simmering pots so dramatically, yet evoking universal human values.

Of the movies I have watched, Children of Heaven is mesmerising. The magic of its storytelling lies in its details and silence. 

I loved Leh, where I travelled with my kids. I remember trekking to a village that had been devastated by cloudburst, yet there was an archery contest. We sat among other spectators and were served the most amazing tea.

I enjoy redecorating my house. The Quint office was a shell initially, but I was excited to work on it. I also decorated BloombergQuint's office in Mumbai. I hope I managed to bring some character and fun to both. Sharma Farms near Mehrauli has the most unusual used items. A lot of The Quint's Delhi office came together with pieces from there.

My favourite cuisine is Malabar coastal food. Appam with tamarind fish is my favourite. I had first tried it at a restaurant called Coconut Grove in Delhi.