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Kavindra Mishra

The CEO of Pepe Jeans says running is his favourite way to unwind

Published 7 years ago on Sep 10, 2016 2 minutes Read
Soumik Kar

Gurcharan Das’ The Difficulty of Being Good has been an interesting read. The way the book interprets the Mahabharata by connecting it to the contemporary world makes it a thought-provoking novel.

The Dark Knight franchise by Christopher Nolan tops my list of favourites since it features characters that are complex, yet real. A crisp plot and a vulnerable ‘superhero’ makes it enthralling.

Since London and New York are fashion hubs in themselves, they have an evolved and dynamic retail environment. Both these cities are an amalgamation of fashion and culture. The museums and the intricacies of art embedded in New York City makes me biased towards it.

Running has been my passion because it helps me de-stress. Unlike other sports activities, it can be pursued at any time irrespective of destination. I make sure to take the time out of my business trips and run at least for 10 kms.

The South Indian cuisine is very flavourful and easy on the system. I simply relish Idli, Rava Dosa, Uttapam with a nicely brewed filter coffee to round up my meal.