My Favourite

Gunjan Srivastava

The CEO of BSH Household Appliances is always up for a challenge in business & in ping pong

Published 7 years ago on Jan 22, 2017 1 minute Read

I enjoyed reading Good to Great by Jim Collins. It’s an absolute classic for transitioning good businesses into great companies. I also enjoy reading Mahabharata for its brilliant ethical values and sometimes I read fiction.

3 Idiots is my all-time favourite movie. I slip back to my good old college memories whenever I watch it. The way it reinforces the idea of following one's passion and working towards it has been beautifully brought out in the movie. 

I enjoy playing table tennis. I love the game because it tests a person’s temperament and involves using multiple skills at once. I also enjoy watching and playing cricket. 

I love Italian cuisine because of its versatality. Nothing can beat the delicious ravioli with Gogonzola cheese. I love all kinds of pastas too.  

Venice in Italy is my favorite travel destination. I feel it’s the most exotic place in the world. I love the rich architecture there and also the cuisine, which consists of lip-smacking delectables.