Sounds like a workplace

Siemens' captures the diverse sounds across its various sites in this latest sound-only ad 

How to motivate the workforce? While companies keep battling the right answer to this question, Siemens came up with a campaign expressly dedicated for them on International Worker’s Day by tapping over 60 sounds associated with the workplace.  

“We spent over 40 hours for recording, 150 hours for composing, creating scratches and layering sounds, subsequently stitching up the audio and the video together,” shares Ramya Rajagopalan, head, communications and government affairs, Siemens, adding that this was the first time the company forayed into sounds.

The campaign though had twin goals – to instill a sense of pride and belonging among the employees and showcase Siemens as a great place to work. Accordingly, ‘The Sound of Work’ film was not just shown at the company’s 22 factories but also on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, drawing over 3 lakh views in about two weeks. 

Capturing the sounds though was not easy, shares Vikram Singha, founder and CEO, Thought Process Films. “Selecting the right type of machine for the sounds was the initial challenge. Recording the sound itself was a challenge. We had two people for recording, who would keep on switching positions due to high decibels involved.”

The decibels might have been high, but by the looks of it Siemens has hit the right notes with its latest campaign.