One for all

Tanishq showcases its customer-centricity and customisation through its new campaign

For most customers, the process of buying a piece of jewellery is replete with myriad emotions and apprehensions. Some of the most common doubts that cross their mind include ‘which store do we buy the jewellery from, will we get the design we want and how do we ensure the purity of gold?’ In a bid to allay these fears and reinforce their commitment to customer-centricity, Titan’s jewellery brand Tanishq has rolled out a new campaign called ‘Aapke apne hai hum’.

As the name suggests, the campaign “highlights how Tanishq values, understands and takes care of these minute details that often go unnoticed but leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the consumer,” says Deepika Tewari, associate vice president-marketing, jewellery division, Titan Company. Simply put, they wanted to address the subtler needs of the client, for warmth, regional allegiance and inclusiveness.

Accordingly, the campaign involves a series of videos that talk about ‘Tanishq Promises’ to customers. In one ad, called ‘The range designed for you’, the viewer is introduced to two older women sitting inside a Tanishq store. One of them looks around and pleads with the other to leave, saying that this is a “green tea type showroom” and that they are unlikely to find anything of their choice. But they are proven wrong when the sales person arrives with a stack of traditional jewellery. No surprises for guessing, she also offers them ‘adrak chai’ with less sugar, thereby showcasing that irrespective of generation, Tanishq has something for everyone. Another ad, called ‘A love that is unique’, depicts how Tanishq goes the extra mile to recreate any design the customers want.

“All the insights are real-life consumer insights,” says Hari Krishnan, president (South) at Lowe Lintas, adding that they wanted to “shift the perspective of brand Tanishq by addressing customer sensitivities as well as convert a cynic to a brand loyal.” It might be noted that Tanishq has always been known for its clutter-breaking ads that challenge stereotypes in the most heartening way. Like for instance their 2013 TVC, which challenges two taboos at one go by showing the marriage of a dusky bride who already has a daughter.

While the ad led to multiple debates, one unanimous conclusion was that Tanishq had gone a step beyond pure marketing by reflecting and promoting change in society. And with this new campaign, Tanishq has once again demonstrated its willingness to go beyond the usual.