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Xiaomi iterates why its ringtone is unforgettable

It is a tense teaching moment inside an operating room. The lead surgeon rattles off his surgical procedure and all eyes are on him, until a ringtone cuts through the tense moment. No surprise, it sends the students into a flurry, checking their phone. It is one of the classic mix-ups. And who else but Xiaomi would use its unmistakable ringtone to remind everyone why it is a customer favourite.

Karan Shroff, brand marketing lead, Xiaomi, explains why this simple concept works. “Whether at work, or home, or theatre, this ringtone is a subtle yet powerful reminder that people hears this tune often in the midst of their daily bustle, leading many people to wonder if it's their phone call to take. We feel the ringtone is so loved that, despite an option, Mi fans do not change it even after purchasing the device.”

There have been some iconic ringtones that you would just recognise. Now, Xiaomi is one such. As for the commercial, Xiaomi has been anything but shy to proclaim its popularity. Arun Iyer, chairman, Lowe Lintas, says, “The ubiquitousness of this ringtone creates chaos which is relatable. The [situations] are effortlessly humourous without sounding clinical or brash.” Seeing how the tune is nearly everywhere, what one needs to ask is, who's phone is it?