Bonded forever

Fevicol's new TVC is about physical and cultural bonding

Have you seen a moving human pyramid, effortlessly pass through the narrow lane of a crowded part of Mumbai city? Well, the new Fevicol ad captures the festive mood of Gokulashtami and shows the pyramid glide to the next dahi-handi, as if it were a single unit held by a strong bond. The TVC reinforces the promise of a strong connection that binds people to their culture, strengthening Fevicol’s positioning of being the ultimate adhesive.

Bharat Puri, managing director of Pidilite Industries, says, “This TVC is a fresh creative take, reinforcing the brand’s promise of a strong bonding. The film reflects the generational bond and affinity that Indians have with Fevicol. The brand has embedded itself in Indian consciousness and culture and is a part of everyday lingo.”

Conceived by Ogilvy & Mather, the film highlights how a strong bond and teamwork are central in creating a high human pyramid that characterises dahi-handi celebrations.

Piyush Pandey, executive chairman and creative director of Ogilvy & Mather - South Asia, says,Fevicol has always stood in the forefront for its ultimate bonding. I chose Gokulashtami celebrations because it is a part of our Indian culture. In the last 26 years, Fevicol has retained its Indian culture in all its ads. It is not just about physical bonding but also about cultural bonding, too. Fevicol, in its tongue-and-cheek humour, has created a hyperbole by making a pyramid that can even move from one location to the other, as shown in the ad.”