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Smelling the coffee

Why Starbucks is taking a measured approach to expansion of its coffeehouse chain in the country

Soumik Kar

Avani Davda isn’t a regular coffee drinker: green tea is more her style. For the past couple of years, though, Davda has been chugging several cups of coffee everyday, trying new flavours and brews. She’s even got a favourite variety now — aged Sumatra, which is also the preferred bean of Howard Schultz, chairman, president and CEO of Starbucks. It’s a very happy coincidence — Davda is CEO of Tata Starbucks, the two-year-old joint venture between the $1.21-billion Tata Global Beverages and the $14.9-billion Starbucks Coffee Co. And, just like its young CEO, the Indian coffee chain, too, seems full of beans.