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Maping India's Influencers

Outlook Business' second edition of India's first-ever rankings of social media influencers on a methodology developed by Grapes has a mix of old and new faces

Published 6 months ago on Oct 01, 2022 1 minute Read

Last year, Outlook Business executed a novel idea by publishing the first-ever rankings of India’s social media influencers on a methodology developed by Grapes. These rankings study the brand value of the country’s social media icons beyond a simple count of followers. As the social media space becomes organised, brands want to calculate their return on investment on each campaign deal they engage influencers on. While the number of followers matter on social media, the brand valuation must have a formula even beyond the engagement rate. The problem for a brand arises when we see the follower base increasing but without a corresponding rise in engagement. It happens due to a lack of a credible class of followers. Influencers tend to buy followers to up their visibility to brands, which, though aware of it, cannot easily separate the wheat from the chaff.