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Getting the chemistry right

The specialty chemicals player is ramping up capacity to keep growth ticking

It is now common for CEOs and MDs at the top of their game to quit their high-paying jobs and start out on their own. But when Vinod Saraf, the 62-year-old promoter and founder of Maharashtra-based specialty chemicals company Vinati Organics, did so in the late 1980s, it was almost unheard of. Earlier a joint MD of Mangalore Petrochemical Refinery (MRPL), Saraf decided to start out on his own, putting on the line his entire savings of ₹57 lakh as well as the security of a plum job. He attributes the urge to do so to his being a Marwari, the Indian clan known for its entrepreneurial expertise and drive. But it sounds unexpected to hear the 1971 batch BITS Pilani MBA gold medallist insist he took no risk at all. He talks with the quiet confidence of a man who has a finger on each nerve of his business and the enthusiasm of a fresh business graduate brimming with new ideas for growth and innovation. In his view, his jump to entrepreneurship was almost failsafe.