Might meets might

Ambuja Cement's latest TVC featuring The Great Khali highlights its core strength  

What does The Great Khali fear? For a man as mighty as he is, one assumes that he fears nothing and no one. That is exactly what Ambuja Cement's latest wildly popular TVC is all about. The biggest fear of a ridiculously strong man with a soft heart is the fear of hurting people or breaking things. Thus comes Ambuja Cement to the rescue!

Bobby Pawar, MD and chief creative officer, Publicis South Asia says, “The last few Ambuja Cement campaigns were more corporate-aligned. We wanted to shift the focus back to the product. What are they best known for? Giant compressive strength. We used Khali’s life as an insight into the brand’s human side to add more credibility to our claims. The film is just the tip of the iceberg. The Great Khali will be popping up in unexpected ways; on the web, on billboards, and in on-ground activations pretty soon.”

Ajay Kapoor, MD & CEO, Ambuja Cement says, “From the beginning, Ambuja Cement has believed in making the strongest cement. People look at strength as the most important aspect in cement. The idea was to use Khali in a very interesting way to portray Ambuja Cement’s strength. After all, the strongest man needs the strongest house to live in.” Ambuja Cement is known for its giant compressive strength and so is  Khali with his size and stature. The idea was to marry the two giants in a way that would bring out the core proposition of Ambuja Cement.