The Outperformers 2018

Cash Machine

The first internet company to be listed in India, Info Edge’s ability to consistently generate cash allows it to invest in different avenues of growth

Vishal koul

Cash is king and for internet companies, it is often the lifeline that keeps them alive. So when you think of internet companies, you think of them as cash guzzlers that often use huge chunks of investor capital to gain scale and market share. An antithesis of all that we perceive internet companies to be is Noida-based Info Edge, the first internet company to be listed in India. Info Edge is the country’s leading online classifieds company with a leadership position in recruitment, real estate and a growing presence in matrimony and education. What makes Info Edge stand apart from other pure-play internet peers is the fact that its flagship business Naukri, which is the undisputed leader in the online recruitment space with a 73% traffic share, is a cash-generating machine which spews more than Rs.4 billion from operations. In fact, cash generation from the business has been rising steadily over the past couple of years thanks to high margins. Naukri, which brings in 70% of the revenue, has seen EBITDA margin improve from 51% to 56% over the past five years.