Stress Buster


It’s good to be out in the wild and feel the vastness of nature

Courtesy: Ravi Sheth

Be it squash, jogging, running marathons or trekking, Ravi Sheth, managing director of Greatship India, loves being outdoor. “Going out and getting involved in some kind of physical activity is my idea of escaping from stress,” says Sheth. 

At 54, when most people generally choose not to challenge their physical limitations, Sheth chose the road less travelled. He, along with  friend Vijay Advani, co-president, Franklin Templeton Investments, decided to trek up mount Kilimanjaro. Before they could rethink their spur-of-the-moment decision, the duo packed up their trekking arsenal. To add to what had already turned out to be an unprecedented adventure, Sheth’s friend decided to take the toughest route — the Umbwe trail. What followed from there was an expedition of a lifetime. 

News of the expedition came as a surprise to his family especially since he drafted his will before leaving. “When I signed my will and told my family that I was going to trek up the highest mountain in Africa, my mother got worried and so did everyone else. But I had to do it and there was no stopping me,” narrates Sheth, with that determination still gleaming in his eyes. From reading blogs, networking


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